Update: Hola! From uni. :)

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Hello! I understand that I've been absent from my blog for sometime, however I am sure you can forgive me since I've been busy moving to uni and settling in and what not! :)

I move to Liverpool from North Wales on the 8th of September to start university at Liverpool John Moores. I am currently studying Journalism and I absolutely love it! I have settled in very well and my a fair few new friends who're all lovely! 

Moving to uni was a big deal for me as I used to be homesick when I was younger so I was dreading coming here and crying all the time and missing everyone back home but it hasn't been to bad, I wont lie though it has been tough as I am one who is known for being against change! I have been missing my friends and family a LOT, I will not lie to you but this course and this move is a big opportunity for me and I am willing to stick it out and not give in to my homesickness!

Anyway, I seem to have a LOT of spare time at the moment, being in uni is slightly boring when there's no lectures and its the middle of the day...so I thought this would be a good opportunity to possibly make more time to work on my blog!

Here's a few pictures of what i've been up to thought, Enjoy!

Alicia x
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