Where Is Summer? Garnier Summer Body: Review

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Right, so I don't know about anyone else but I want some sun! It takes me around 2 hours sat in hot sun to even start to tan or burn (as I seem to do more often than tan!) Since we haven't had much sun this "summer" I've opted for alternative methods of becoming brown and tanned.

My first method was tanning wipes (a few years ago now) and needless to say they turned out awful, I had the dreaded fake tan palms and even more dreaded, streaky tan. I think the brand I used was from Home Bargains (a UK discount store) and they were like 95p! So I should have realised really that they wouldn't be great. If you have any fake tan wipe recommendations that are up to scratch then please so comment below!

I decided I would be like any other normal 18/19 year old and try out some instant spray tan and bought St.Moriz instant spray tan £2.99 (again from Home Bargains) which is brilliant and I love but the only problem is you have to keep reapplying it to keep the tan up to scratch and no have any fades in certain areas (that are more moisturised than others) so I bought St.Tropez tinted body moisturiser (any UK drug store, not sure about the US sorry!) but it just made my skin really oily and I couldn't really see the tan. 

So i opted for a cheaper solution in Garnier Summer Body for £3.49 in ASDA. Originally i didn't read the label and bought the "Deeply sun-kissed skin" lotion which is basically like fake tan in moisturiser form, if you have pale skin as I do. I now use that as a fake tan if I'm going out and my skin is feeling dry. When I went back to ASDA I bought this one (in the pictures) and it is brilliant, I love it! I applied it after showering off my fake tan, my legs were looking pale and patchy so I rubbed some of this lotion on and the morning after my legs were looking slightly tanned again after 3-4 applications, every 3 days my legs were looking wonderfully tanned! I left the tan to fade and it faded naturally no streaks of patches! 

I would definitely recommend this to people who are wary of fake tan or are looking for an alternative! I hope you've found this post helpful! Give me you're thoughts on it! Thanks!

Alicia x
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