REVIEW // Essie Summer 2014 Collection


Essie Summer 2014 Collection - £12.99, Boots.

Nail polishes are something I have too much of but never enough. There are so many different colours and shades and lets be honest I need them all.

Essie is a brand that I've never delved into before as they've only become available in my local boots in the last month, I live in North Wales, what can a girl do when she lives in the wilderness, eh? I bought this little collection as I don't have any colours (exactly) like them and I thought it would be better for invest in three for £12.99 rather than one for £7.99. Good logic, or no? I think it was!

The fabulous three that come in this collection are Ruffles and Feathers (green), Haute in the Heat (pink), and Roarrrange (orange, obviously.) They're all very pretty, neon Summer shades and the packaging is so so cute I just couldn't resist. 

I wasn't expecting miracles but for the price, and the hype around them, I was expecting pigmentation to be insanely good and I wasn't wrong. The pigmentation comes out so beautifully on all these shades after just one swatch, the Orange and Green you need two coats for complete opacity but the pink is a one and done job. Super pleasing to me as I am lazy and don't want to be fiddling around with 3 coats and a top coat. The formula isn't streaky at all so you could probably get away with just one coat of any of these polishes and you'd be good to so. I am super pleased with the pigmentation.

The staying time of these polishes is on a whole new level as well. Usually I use a base coat, coloured polish and then a top coat and my nails would chip in work the next day but not with these babies. My nails lasted chip free for FIVE days with Haute in the Heat (pink) and around 3/4 days with the other colours. This to me in indescribably good quality for nail varnishes as with any others I've used they chip next day pretty much and that is the bane of my life as I hate chipped polish but I can't be bothered to repaint the whole nail. First world problems.

If, like me, you're a fan of painted nails I would definitely give Essie a go because they've really pleased me and chance are you'll love them too!

What're your thoughts on Essie? Let me know in the comments :)

Love Alicia x
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NEW ADDITION // MAC Myth - Satin Lipstick

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MAC Myth, £15.50 -

Nude lipsticks are good for any look, you can use it to make a smokey eyed look more wearable to just to make a "no -makeup" makeup look a little more dressed up.

I have only recently go into wearing nude lipsticks and so wanted to expand my collection as I have a million and one bright colours, lip tints and so on but no actual nude lipsticks, up until recently, so when Debenhams announced £5 off all lipsticks on Tuesday 29th July I knew I had to go and buy one and I bought MAC Myth for £10.50, but I've listed to full price above.

Myth is described as light and neutral nude lip and has a earthy undertone so it is pretty much a light brown.  You can see what it looks like on my lips above and it is very light coloured. I do prefer to wear it with a lip liner otherwise it can look like "concealer lips" but I really do love it.

I will do a full review soon!

Have you tired Myth? Let me know in the comments below!

Love Alicia x

Why not also keep up with me and my blog on social media? Alicia Jade is also active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Bloglovin'
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