I'm Alicia a 22 year old from a little town in North Wales. I blog from time to time whilst maintaining a part time job at Debenhams as a Bra Fitter.

I started my blog originally in 2010 and blogged on and off about whatever came to my head under the name "Sweet Nothings", I distinctly remember writing one of my first posts about cars I wanted to buy when I passed my test. After this I stopped blogging until 2012 when I took to writing about beauty and lifestyle more regularly and AliciaJadex was born!

I enjoy writing about mainly beauty as I have a passion for makeup and skincare, but I will sometimes pop a life post in the mix! My ideal career would be in Makeup Artistry and with a Specialist course behind me I'm well on my way but there's still some work to be done. For now I am just slowly building up my portfolio, experience and social media following and also saving money, and living life!

Hope you enjoy reading my blog, if you have any questions just drop me a line at @aliciajadex93 on Twitter or aliciajadex93@gmail.com!

Thanks, Alicia x

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