Things I'm lusting over #1



Hey guys!

So this is just a little view of the things I'm lusting over at the moment! Since I'm *trying* to save up for a new iPhone I doubt I'll be getting these any time soon but !can dream!

1 - I've always wanted to have a mesh insert body type piece of clothing but never really got round to buying on. Whilst I was browsing the ASOS site I came across this and thought it was tres cute so it made it onto my wishlist!

2 - Ah, the loss of my baby (Apple's iPhone 5) has brought me back to my dearly beloved yet outdated iPhone 3GS (no offence to anyone its still a brilliant phone!) I've missed my 8mpx camera so so much and now going back to 3mpx I find my blog photos are beginning to suffer as I don't own a professional camera. This is a compact digital camera, from Argos, so nothing as fancy as (all the YouTubers have) the Canon 650D *SWOON!* So I thought this would make a nice little additional to my techno fam as it seems to do everything I'm wanting a camera to do!

3 - Now I am a sucker for a bit of jewellery especially arrow head necklaces! I wanted the turquoise arrow head one from Topshop but never got round to buying it. Then i wanted the black arrow head Topshop one but couldn't find it either and saw this in Matalan and couldn't resist putting it on my wishlist!

What're you lusting over at the moment??

Alicia x
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PRODUCT REVIEW: Lush lip scrub in Popcorn!

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Hey guys!

So i'm pretty sure during these past Winter months that our lips have been through hell and back right? I'm forever putting lip balm on but thinking..."I'm sure the lip balm wont rid my lips of the lose bits of skin that seem to be staying put through thick and thin?"

For a while now I've just put up with it and haven't thought anything of this horrible dead skin on my lips thinking it would just go and then I'd have soft luscious lips but, yeah you guessed it, I was wrong! It stayed through anything I did. I even tried to use my tooth brush when i was brushing my teeth but found that this method just irritated my lips.

Moving onto the reason you're all here - I was in Lush the other day and amongst the varied sweet smells of bath salts and bath bombs galore I found this little gem, Popcorn lip scrub (it also comes in a variety of different flavours such as mint and bubblegum!) I picked it up and thought "hey, what do I have to lose?" I went to the till and paid £5.25 for this little pot of joy and when I tried it I found that it was just what I'd been searching for.

The idea is that you take a small bit of the sugary scrub upon your finger and massage it into your lips vigorously. When you feel your lips have been exfoliated to the max you simply lick off the excess and then apply your favourite lip balm! Since the scrub is made from things commonly found in your kitchen it is totally safe to eat AND it tastes like popcorn!!

Another perk to this fab little scrub is it's completely animal cruelty free, like all Lush products which is a defintie reason to buy this over other lip scrubs in itself, and it even tells you what date the product was potted and made and even who made it which I thought was cute!

Since you don't need a lot of product when exfoliating your lips this scrubs will last you a long while and do wonders for your lips!

Have you tried this scrub?? What do you think??

Alicia x
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Face of the day :)

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Hey guys!

I don't often do these posts but I'm trying to switch up my content! This is my everyday make up for university! It's pretty simple and easy to do and usually takes me around 10 minutes each morning!

Products used:

- L'Oreal Lumi-magique pure light primer

-MaxFactor Facefinity foundation in shade 040

- Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer in Fair

- L'Oreal Lumi-magique highlighter pen in Light

- Collection 2000 Lastng Perfecting powder in Fair

- Bourjois Delice de Poudre bronzer in 52

- Rimmel London Lasting Finished blush in 020 Pink rose

- L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect slim pen in Intense Black

- Sleek eyebrow kit in 818 Dark

- MUA Undressed eyeshadow palettes shades 1, 5 and 7

- Rimmel London 1 2 3 Looks mascara in Black

- Rimmel London Kate collection matte lipstick in 101


Alicia x


Dealing with - Anxiety issues, minor or major.

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Hey guys :)

OK so this post is going to be different to the usual beauty and fashion ramblings but a post none the less. I want to make my blog somewhere that i can just write/share my life experiences!

A few months ago, as some readers may know, i headed off to university, 2 hours away from my home in North Wales. This was a very scary process for me as i don't really deal well with new people and new situations i tend to shy away from them and avoid them at all costs. I prefer to be within my safe comfort zone where i know nothing can hurt me or go wrong/embarrass me. Obviously upon being here for 6 months now it wasn't as bad as i thought it would have been and I've made numerous new friends who i love to pieces and i am SO glad i met, they have definitely changed me for the better. 

The reason i tend to not want to leave my comfort zone is because i have anxiety problems (i've had them since i was quite young but they're slowly decreasing) and if i'm put under serious stress i just freak out and have panic attacks and get very short of breath/start to cry/be sick, it isn't a nice sight - fortunately this hasn't happened to me for a long while - but i haven't been super stressed in quite a while! The reason for this post is because recently university has become somewhat of a big big challenge and i'm afraid that if I stress too much then i will start having panic attacks again and it will stop me from doing the things i want to do with my life/affect how well i can do in my life. A recent stress filled situation, that brought me to writing this post, made me feel like i was lazy and basically like everybody in the situation thought that i wasn't being fair on them/making them do all the work, but how do you tell a bunch of people you've barely known for 6 months that you don't feel up to taking part in a GROUP activity because it could cause you to panic too much? They don't know you properly, or your situation so their responce would probably be to say "stop making stuff up and get on with it." Which in all fairness, most of us would! But to be honest I've realised that within this group i played my part, did the work that was compulsory and asked nicely if i could be excused from the part that was optional/for us to work out as a group. I did what made ME feel comfortable and for 1 or 2  in the group this obviously wasn't enough/was seen as selfish and they felt they needed to voice this more or less in front of me, yet indirectly, which made me feel even worse about how I'd handled situation (which to be fair wasn't brilliantly). This is now making me want to try harder to overcome this horrible fear of panic attacks and people laughing at me if things go wrong and to achieve what i know i am capable of. 

What I have learnt from this experience is that you cannot please everyone, you can only be the best you can with what you do so if you feel you really cannot do something - tell someone and if they disagree then maybe they just don't understand. That's fine because not everyone will, the thing is everyone at some point will have to do something that is not within their comfort zone, in fact this was so far out of my comfort zone i was prepared to walk out of an assessment if i absolutely had to present it - that's how bad my anxiety has gotten. Hopefully i will be able to over come this and start doing more things to help my confidence and in turn wont feel the need to be put this is awkward and horrible situation again.

Alicia x
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MUA Pro-brow ultimate eyebrow kit - Yep, I caved in!

Hey Guys! So recently I posted on my twitter asking all you bbloggers whether or not it would be beneficial for me to buy the MUA PRO-BROW kit. I've been using the Sleek brow kit in Dark for about 3 months now and I LOVE it but I hate having to part with £8 when I could get a Rimmel pencil for £3.99 (even though I prefer powders but hey ho) so when I came across this MUA kit for a mere £3.50 I definitely had to get some advice on whether it was worth a try! I received lots of feedback from the bbloggers chat about it and was even directed to a post, written by Hannah from Midnight Violets beauty blog, (which you can read here) giving swatches and results! After I'd read this post I still was undecided and thought "Hey, it's £3.50 what's to lose?" So I went ahead and bought it from Superdrug!

The kit comes with a double-ended angled brush tool for shaping and shading, a clear (looks white) wax to shape the brows and prepare them for shading, a dark brown powder for shading, a lighter brown powder for lighter haired people, some mini tweezers and a highlighter to accentuate the brows!

Before ^^^


After ^^^

I know I know, my eyebrows (before) are unruly and a complete mess!! Oh well I'll live/pluck them soon! Anyway this is the result and for £3.50 I can't say I'm disappointed! The only thing I had mixed feelings about was the wax stuff. In my Sleek palette the wax is a dark brown colour which I often used to shape and outline my eyebrow, now since in this palette the wax is white I could only use it to shape and not to outline so I found myself having to outline my brown with the powder which was very tricky not to mention that it didn't look as streamlined as I'm used to. Also, since the causes product build up if you put too much of it on one area which I did due to my eyebrows being unruly so I was calming stray hairs and this made my eyebrows patchy (light in one area dark in others) but I think if I gave it a bit more care and precision/used my Rimmel London pencil to outline then the jobs a good one!! This palette is fab and I will definitely repurchase!

~Have you tried this MUA eyebrow kit? Let me know!!

Alicia x
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MUA Undressed eye shadow palette

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MUA 12 shade Undressed palette - Superdrug £4

So I'm a bit slow on the eye shadow palette band wagon as this is my first. I'm mainly a liquid eyeliner kind of girl and that's all I'll ear but I'm trying to jazz things up a bit by wear eye shadows!

I'm not a fan of bright coloured eye shadows, I think they look a bit "stage make" ish, no offence to bright eye shadow lovers!! So i opted for a neutral palette which features shimmery and matte shades. I played it safe as it is my first palette and at £4 i couldn't go wrong really!

I am really impressed with this palette, I don't own an eye shadow primer so I just apply it straight onto my eye lid (after foundations, base primers and setting powder!) and it stays all day which I love and it's very blendable. All of the colours, being neutral, suit each other and they all look very flattering on the eye.

With this palette you get a double ended eye shadow applicator - I do not use this, I use my QVS eye shadow brush but the applicator is handy when I take my palette to stay somewhere overnight! The back of the package also contains a smokey eye effect tutorial which I thought was quite cute and did follow!

What're your favourite palettes?? 

Alicia x
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SS13 Wishlist!

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Wishlist #1

Hey guys! It seems all I'm posting nowadays is wishlists! Probably because I am! As I'm on a spending ban I can't buy new things but I do have a few posts lined up of things I've bought but haven't had the time to post!

Anyway here's a few things on my wishlist!

Spending ban wishlist: sigh sigh sigh!


  1. Missguided dress - I have a thing for buying clothes in which i can only wear to go on a night out in. I have so many dressy-type clothes yet limited day time clothes, i need to rectify this! However, i do love this dress!
  2. Rimmel Apocolips Lip Laquer - I am in LOVE, no understatement, with the Apocolips range, i currently have colours Big Bang, Celestial and Apocoliptic but I want them allll!!! (The picture I've used is from shesaidbeauty)
  3. Missguided rose gold cut out skater skirt - I don't know what it is but in drawn to shiny things and i love the cut outs - you can never have too many skirts! (See - a going out skirt...what is my life)
  4. MUA pro brow kit - I've recently bought the MUA heaven and earth palette (i think thats it's name...) and i really like their products, I saw this on a blog of who's i don't remember but i thought it was really interesting so i want to try it out!
  5. Topshop BANG crop shirt - I have the mickey mouse crop and LOVE it with my discopants so i want to get this one as well as i can use it in summer too!
  6. Topshop black crop - Same as above, i have the grey one and want more colours
  7. Topshop tiger crop - same as above again!
  8. Topshop lace crop - I've heard this is very small and to order 2 sizes up so i think i'll probably go in store to buy it - if anyone that reads this has one, leave me a comment! I think it's a really cute top and it could be paired with anything!
So that's my wishlist! Link me yours :)

Alicia x
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ASOS Valentines treat - 10% off everything. Hurry hurry!!

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10% off everything online!

I've received an email saying ASOS are offering 10% off everything with the code "valentine10" between now and midnight on Friday! You can also use our NUS discounts along side this I think!  Go go go!! Happy shopping :)

Alicia x
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20 lovely, interesting and pointless facts about me!


20 facts about me

I've seen a few people do this on blogs I've been browsing so thought I'd jump on the blogging bandwagon! Here we go!!

1. My full name is Alicia Jade Birt and I was named after my Great Grandma Alice.
2. I'm a Journalism undergrad student
3. I'm terribly shy
4. I love cookies and Jaffa Cakes
5. I'm nearly 20 years old but I still feel 15.
6. I always start diets then fail and go back to eating rubbish
7. I have a major love of cats and dogs
8. I have 2 cats, Domino and Tom and I have a dog named Mooshy.

9. Mooshy is deaf ( poor mooshy )
10. I'm English but I live in Wales - I attend University in England
11. I am awful with money, I spent so much last semester I couldn't afford to live.
12. I am a self confessed lover of iPhones - I spend probably 60% of my day on mine and I do not regret it!
13. Contradictory to the above I do think I should take more time out to appreciate life (cheesy)
14. I've never been abroad
15. If I'm passionate about something that's usually the only time I get things done.
16. I don't really experiment with make-up because every time I do I feel I don't suit the look - yet I have 2-3 draws off cosmetics at home.
17. I am a lover of all types of music
18. My hair wont grow (cries)
19. I like to spend my day blogging in my pyjamas
20. I love playing on my PS3

So that's me done! Anything that interested you? Let me know!! Link me to your 20 facts!!

Alicia x
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Crazy little thing called love: Valentine's day special!


Hellooo love birds!

This is an extra special post dedicated to the up and coming Valentines day! I've been looking at new underwear for valentines (or just an excuse to buy something) and I've recently been put onto a tight budget due to having my phone stolen - so I'm saving to buy a new one, however I'm thinking I can have one last treat before the spending ban!


Alicia x
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Calling everyone!! I have an eBay store :)


I'm currently saving up for something and decided what better way to raise a few extra funds than to put a few unwanted clothes items on eBay! All the ones listed are either new or nearly new! Go and have a look :)  Click here!

Alicia x
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