Friday Haulin' : Boots


 Collection Eyeshadow Pencil in Vanilla Sky swatch
 L'Oreal Eyeshadow Palette in Disco Ball swatch
Revlon Pink Pout swatch


Ok so I think I'm gonna drop the "Hey guys" thing, it's kinda too American? I don't know it just felt cheesy! 

Moving on, again I've been spending! I feel like I need to justify why, even though I don't...but I always feel guilty because I know I shouldn't spend so much!

I'm rambling, I went into Boots to buy face wipes and under the pressure of my boyfriend, Huw, I felt like he didn't want to be in there so I decided to just leave it at the face wipes and leave. Then I got hungry, went back into Boots and one thing lead to another and I'm £40 down. Woops, oh me! This is what I got:

Revlon Super Lusturous (Matte) Lipstick in Pink out £7.49
As I was browsing Boots I didn't know what I'd gone in for and one thing lead to another I was looking at lipsticks. I can never ever resist lipstick so I decided to try out a different brand as I always stick to Rimmel and Maybelline. I have a few Revlon Lip Butters but no actual Revlon lipsticks so I decided to try out their Super Lustourous range and went for Pink Pout. I hope I'm not left disappointed!

Rimmel Match Perfection Blush in 001 Light £5.99
I have no excuse for this one, I don't need any more blushes. This one said "new" on the packaging and also has three different colours to make a light/skin tone matching blush for pale skinned people. I'm expecting good things from this!

Bourjois So Laque Nail Polish in Orange Creation £6.99
I have the bright red in this colour but wanted a really bright orange, the formula of these polishes is really good so I had no doubt that this would be a good buy!

L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Quad in Disco Smoking £7.99
I have many bronze and neutral colours in my collection so I wanted something to brighten my shadows up! This little quad was the perfect little find, I can't wait to use it!

Collection This Works Eyeshadow Pencil in Vanilla Sky £2.99
I read on a blog somewhere that these are like dupes for the NYX Jumbo Pencils so I decided to buy one on a whim, I bought this colour as I could use it as an inner corner highlight or as a base to add some shimmer to less pigmented shadows.

L'Oreal Color Infallible Iridescent Finish Pigment in Goldmine £6.99
These are just the most amazing pigment type shadows ever. They're so pretty and glittery I just love them. I've been eyeing the L'Oreal stand up for a while and eventually picked up the gold glitter pigment.

This is everything I bought today, hope you enjoyed my haul!

Alicia x 

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Rimmel Kate Moss in shade 20


Hey guys!

I didn't know what to class this post as because it's not really a review. I've reviewed shade 04 in this range so reviewing another shade would be pointless as they all have the same formula etc.

I went into Boots looking for an ultra bright lipstick to clash with my newly dyed hair. I really loved this colour as soon as I saw it so I picked it up for £5.49.

It's an ultra bright fuchsia colour that really stands out against my pale skin and purple hair.

What do you think of this colour? Let me know!

Alicia x
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HAUL: Boots, New Look & ASDA


Hey guys!

Ok so I know i've done like a milion hauls recently but I love spending money and I don't care who knows, haha!

I'm a sucker for beauty products and pretty things and I just love having new things to play with especially make up wise, I never feel like I have enough! I'm gonna stop going on now and just get straight to it...

Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil £2.99 - Boots
I repurchase and repurchase this because i know it works for me so I don't see the point in trying to fix something that isn't broken in my eyebrow routine. I constantly change up the brow powders and setting gels but never the outlining pencil. Love this and it's so inexpensive!

Collection Extreme 24hr Tip Liner £2.99 - Boots
I saw this on Alix's youtube (I Covet Thee) and for such an inexpensive price I didn't see any reason not to buy it. I picked this up from Boots and tried it the very same night and was shocked by how highly pigmented the black colour was. It's super black and the pen is super easy to control. A* to Collection for this little gem!!

Maybelline Brow Drama Brow scultping Mascara £4.99 - Boots
I didn't even know this was available until I stumbled upon it in Boots. I've been looking for a brow mascara/gel like this for ages but didn't want to shell out for the Anastasia one just yet. This has a specially shaped wand for sculpting the "perfect brows" so hopefully it'll be good!

Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream in Light £7.99 - Boots
I have the Dream Fresh BB Cream which I ADORE and have done a first impressions post on which you can read >here.< The only problem with the Dream Fresh BB Cream is my skin is very oily so the formula of the BB Cream just couldn't or wouldn't settle into my skin so the fact they've created for specifically for oily skin was great news for me and I had to pick it up!

L'Oreal True Match Foundation in shade Ivory £9.99 - Boots
I had this foundation in shade Rose Ivory but it was too pink so I just got the shade Ivory this time. I love this foundation it's really good for creating flawless looking skin and it lasts for ages on the skin!

Benefit Double (the) They're Real! Mascara £19.50 - Debenhams
It seems like everyone and their mum loves this mascara so obviously when Elle had the sample version as a freebie I had to snap it up for £4 I'd be stupid to say no considering Boots are selling it for £9.50! I was wandering around Debenhams a few days ago waiting for my friend to use the loos and I saw this, The full size and the sample size for £19.50, £10 less than it would cost to buy them both!

Schwarzkopf Live XXL Ultra Brights in Purple Punk £5.49 - Boots
I was getting bored of my hair and wanted a pop of colour so since last time I dyed it pink I decided this time I would go purple! These dyes are semi-permanent so they're perfect for me because I'm so indecisive!

4 tier Draw Set £6.47 - ASDA
I've been looking to buy some storage draws for my make up for ages but I didn't want to buy Muji ones for the simple reason they're so over priced for simple acrylic drawers. I bought these because the drawers are quite deep and I keep different things in each one like skin care, hair care, moisturisers etc so I decided for just over £6 this was the better option!

White Wicker Box (Seen at the back of the picture) £4 - ASDA
This was just to keep all my shampoo's and conditioners in as they were taking up like the whole of my table! For £4 it fits a lot of products!

Black and Red Print Skater Dress £22.99 - New Look
I have a grey and white dress just like this one but decided I needed this colour too!

Arrow Head Necklace £5.99 - New Look
I'd see someone wearing a necklace a lot like this and I really wanted it and for some reason convinced myself it was from Topshop and it wasn't it was from New Look! So I bought it when I found it.

Hope you enjoyed this haul, what've you been buying lately?

Alicia x
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(Negative) REVIEW: Nivea Daily Essentials BB Cream in Light


Hey guys!

You may or may not have read my First Impressions post on this product a while back when I said I wasn't really loving it. I also compared the colour of this BB cream with the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream along with swatches, if you haven't read that you can read it, here.

Although that was only a first impressions post, my opinion of this product unfortunately remains the same. I did a first impressions post as I wanted to write about the product but felt I hadn't worn it enough/tried different combinations of applying it and different primers etc to have a fully formed opinion on it. However I have now tried many many different products/combinations of applying. I even tried it on it's own with and without moisturizer applying it with my hands and every single time the outcome was the same for me.

When I applied this "light" BB Cream the colour was obviously not light in anyway in fact it's quite orange-y and I would say at least a medium in colour tones. If you're almost ghost like in skin tone, this isn't the one for you. I have a very pinky/warm undertone to my skin and this BB Cream I think was the total opposite, more of yellowy undertones and people with that sort of skin tone.

The formula wasn't too bad I loved how it felt on my skin and how it smelled but it was quite thick for a BB cream, so it just felt like I was applying a foundation. Once on the colour obviously didn't match my skin so I had to put it right down my neck. After a while it would separate on my skin and I would look like I couldn't apply make up properly. I would look too dark and patchy, this was not a good look for me.

It says on the box that it contains a hint of colour, evens, covers and illuminates skin. I experienced none of this i'm afraid and I generally just didn't get on with this BB Cream. The colour, the wear, the effects, none of it worked for me.

The only positives I have for this product are that the packaging is quite nice and simple, the price was very affordable, the feel on the skin is soft and refreshing and the smell is really good. The actual quality of whats inside the bottle, didn't wow me what so ever and I wont repurchase this product, unfortuantely!

I had quite high hopes for this product as I saw it reviewed on a blog which had nothing bad to say about it so the fact I basically hated it was really sad. Obviously this was my experience, I have quite oily skin so maybe this was why I didn't have a good experience and maybe if you bought it, you'd love it but who knows!

Let me know if you got on with this BB cream, I'd love to hear different opinions!

Alicia x
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REVIEW: NEW Maybelline Dream Smooth Primer Pot ✿


Hey guys!

I got this little beauty from a giveaway I won! Yaaaay!! My first ever giveaway prize! I'm so unlucky I never win anything so when I got the email from Hannah of WearMeOutx, (who's blog you should DEFFS go and check out!!) I was so excited!! I really wanted to try this primer but for £8.99 I couldnt justify it for 7ml of product.

At first I applied this primer with a make up brush, a foundation one to be precise, you know the ones - flat and incredibly smooth/soft? Yeah, so I put a little product on the brush and went onto my face, after moisturiser. I didn't feel this was effective because I couldn't actually feel any product coming off the brush so in the end I had to use my hands to see which parts of my face I'd missed. When using my hands I could also feel the texture of the primer itself which is quite like a gel type formula and when it goes onto the skin it does feel quite strange.

Needless to say it did keep my foundation and make up in place for the day, prolonging the life of my make up and generally just doing it's job. So the functionality of this lives up to the standards i'd expected.

The packaging is fairly simplistic, you get a little see through glass pot with a lid so the packaging isn't particularly exciting but it is quite chic and that's something I like about it!

The price is horrendous in my eyes for something so small and it's not even got super cool and expensive looking packaging so make up for the £7.99/8.99 price tag for the minute 7ml of product that you get. 

I do really really like the product and what says it will do it does but the price is really swaying me away from actually purchasing it but i supposed if I use it more and more and actually really love it then quality over price tag is more important!

What do you think of this primer? Have you used it or do you want to? Let me know!

Alicia x
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Boots Haul


Hey guys!

I spend way too much money SOMEBODY STOP ME I mean seriously i'm meant to be saving for when i return university in a few weeks. It seems these weekly hauls are becoming a "thing" on my blog! Every Thursday is pay day so I treat myself to a few small bits and bobs every now and then be it a DVD, make up or clothes! This week it was make up, due to the fact I was going out that Friday night and wanted some new bits and bobs!

So shall we do this? Lets!

Ardell Natural Style Demi Wispies Fake Lashes - £5.49
I don't remember where I saw these reviewed, I remember watching a YouTuber and seeing them wear them so when I found them in Boots I thought I'd give them a go! As you can see from the pic, I've used them already. I should have pictured them before I wore them but I was in such a rush to get ready and go out I didn't even think about it!

Maybelline Anti-age The Eraser Eye Perfect & Cover Concealer in Light. - £7.19 
I bought this on a whim after seeing "Rpiercemakeup" and Fleur Du Force review it, I don't think Fleur's review was a positive one but nevertheless I bought it anyway haha! I've only tried it once and it seemed fine but only time will tell!

Collection Sheer Loose Powder - £2.99 (for 20g!!!)
I went into Boots and convinced myself that I needed this. How else will i set my concealer? (How about with your pressed powder, Alicia? No no I must buy this NEW ONE THAT i HAVE NO SPACE FOR IN MY STORAGE!) So, yeah I bought this and this is what I've been setting my concealer with just to keep it in place for extra long, then I've been going over my whole face with my Rimmel Clear Complexion Matte Pressed Powder.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush - £9.99
I really wanted the Sigma F80 for my foundation but I don't want to pay all the import prices and stuff. I looked on Crown Brushes but didn't find one the same on there either so even though this isn't really a flat top kabuki, I bought it anyway. I have the Starter Eye Set and The Core Collection also, so I knew the quality of the brushes, which is, like, amazing. I really like this for liquid foundations, I probably like it more than the buffing brush, which i now use to buff out contours and for blending. A*** Sam Chapman!

I also got Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch (£2.99) and the Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder (£3.99) but I couldn't find them to picture so here's what we do have!

Ok so I hope you enjoyed this haul and stay tuned to my blog for more! :)

Alicia x
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Hey guys!

So recently, as you may have seen from my most recent haul, I went to Liverpool for the day shopping. I went into numerous Superdrug stores but all of them were sold out of the Sleek Eyebrow Kit (in shade Light AND Dark) (which is understandable as they're quite good dupes for the Benefit's Brow Zings.) MUA's Pro-Brow kit was also sold out, which would have been my second choice!

The Sleek Eyebrow Kit is £8.49 in Superdrug and since that wasn't in stock I looked elsewhere. I knew that GOSH has recently (ish) come out with a brow kit so I went over to the GOSH stand and found this one which was also £8.49 so I didn't really think by buying this I would be losing anything as if the Sleek one was in stock, I would've bought that! 

This brow kit comes with 3 neutral/earth toned colours from dark to light as well as a wax to hold eyebrows in place. I use a mixture of the middle brown colour and the light as my hair is quite light also. The colours are very limited in terms of people who would be able to use them for example, ginger, jet black or auburn haired people would probably not be able to use this as the tones aren't warm enough or in the jet black haired person's case it wouldn't be dark enough but I'd say anyone with Blonde- dark brown hair or colours inbetween would be fine!

The powder is very finely milled and lightly pigmented so you can build up the colour as you need it. It lasts all day through almost any weather, I've found, but my eyebrows usually hold colour all day anyway no matter what product I use. 

For £8.49 I do think this brow kit is worth the money but it hasn't wowed me as much as the Sleek one did way back last September!

Have you tried this brow kit? Let me know!

Alicia x
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REVIEW: Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch


Hey guys!

So everyone in the blogosphere and their dogs have these new Maybelline Baby lips tubes so obviously I had to pick one up and OBVIOUSLY it was the pink one!

Baby Lips is a lip balm type product packaged like a lipstick. They moisturise your lips whilst, in some of the cases, leaving a nice tint on them. The on I picked up, Pink Punch, leaves a nice baby pink tint on the lips and smells delicious!

They leave your lips feeling really soft and moisturised and for £2.99 you really can't say no! They go on the lips like butter and leave a nice tint so you can get the lipstick effect whilst also caring for yours lips!

These come in a few different scents/flavours including mint which is colourless. I really want to try the rest from this range as from this one I feel like they're a really good product! 

Have you tried Baby Lips? Let me know! 

Alicia x
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Liebester Award: Take 2


Hey guys!

So i've done this post before, a while back but I have since been nominated a further 12 times (crazzzzyyy!!) So I thought I'd just do this post to get it out of the way!

I was nominated (this time) by Precious from My Vogue/Fashion Kween so I will be using the set questions she has given me. I wont nominate any one else either because I already nominated loads last time! 

Ok here we go! - The Rules : 11 facts about me, answer the questions set by Precious.

  1. I could drink nothing but water for the rest of my life, I love the stuff
  2. I am English but live in Wales.
  3. I'm 20 years old
  4. I love my cats & dogs more than anything
  5. I've worked in a chip shop for 3 years.
  6. I hate windmills
  7. I'm at university for my second year (in september)
  8. I'm awful at saving money.
  9. I m obsessed with keeping my lips and hands moisturised
  10. I love watching movies
  11. I hate writing down facts about myself! (haha)
Precious's Questions

1. Other than blogging what do you do on your free time?
Work, hang out with friends.

2. How many days a week do you wear makeup?
Pretty much everyday, to work. If i'm not going out i don't wear it.

3. where is your favorite place to shop?
Clothes - Topshop. Make-up: Boots/Superdrug

4. would you rather be a shoe-hollic or a clothe-hollic?

5. if today was your last day on earth what would you do?
Spend it with people I love :)

6. what is your favorite holliday season?
Summer and/or Autumn

7. if you could describe your blog in one word what would it be?
urmmmmm, That's hard! I'd say Beauty.

8. what do you wish to achieve through blogging?
Nothing really, I just like to blog, meet people and share new products! etc etc.

9. what is one thing you cant leave the house without

10. what is your favorite trend?
Matching lips and nails! Love ittttt

11. if you could come up with any trend what would it be and what would you name it?
I'm not very creative so I don't really know!

Alicia x
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REVIEW: One Direction For MUA, Cheek Tint and Harry Lipstick.


Hey guys!

I recently reviewed the Liam lipstick from this range which was a berry red type of colour and I said that it was super long lasting and I actually really liked it so I bought another and of course it was Harry's, I also bought a cheek tint.

The cheek tint is a gorgeous baby pink but if applied lazily it can make you look like a clown so be wary of that. It's very pigmented and a little go a long way which for the £3 price tag I think is excellent. This is actually my first cheek tint so I can't actually compare it to anything else but overall my impressions of it are really good.

The lipstick I can't really say much about because I've reviewed the lipstick range in a previous post and they're all the same formula so what I will say is the Harry lipstick which is shade Be Mine, is a true deep red colour which is flattering on pale skin in my opinion, but can also work for other people so it's definitely a shade for a variety of people and the price, again £3, is super inexpensive for what you get. The fact it had 1D engraved on the bullet itself makes me not want to use it but it's so pretty I can't not! The Harry signature instantly sold it to me as well. Can you tell he's my fave? Calm down Alicia.

Anyway I'm really impressed with this range, not only the packaging but the quality of the products for the price as well. Well done MUA, you've done it again!

Alicia x
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REVIEW: Sleek MakeUp FaceForm Contouring and Blush Palette

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Hey guys!

If you've read my Liverpool Haul, you'll see what I've bought and that this little Sleek palette was amongst my purchases!

Sleek Say: "Instantly add definition and colour to the face by using Face Form. Apply the contouring powder to areas on the face to create a shadow effect hence sculpting and defining the face. Then apply the highlighter in areas that you wish to reflect light off the face hence enhancing the contouring effect. Finish off the look by applying the blusher to apple of cheeks."

The powders in this palette are really pigmented and have great staying power throughout the day. They stay pigmented and apparent all day long leaving you face sculpted and glowy.

I really love the packaging it reminds me a lot of NARS packaging and if you've been reading my blog a while you'll know i'm a sucker for aesthetics when it comes to products so as the name suggests, the packaging for Sleek products is very...Sleek!

I'm in love with this product and I can't wait to get more Sleek products. Unfortunately, the Superdrug near me doesn't have a Sleek counter so I have to either buy it online or get it when I go back to Liverpool. So when I go back I'll definitely be making a purchase!

What do you think of this product? Let me know!

Alicia x
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Liverpool HAUL: Primark, American Sweet Shop & Superdrug

Hey guys!

I ventured back to the city of Liverpool with my boyfrend and sister today for a day out shopping on my day off. It was a really nice change as usually when i'm in liverpool I'm just freaking out over how homesick I am or uni work, haha! I just made myself sound so boring hahaha. Moving on!

I visited a lot of shops but mainly spent money in Primark and Superdrug! I've taken a few pictures of the stuff I've bought, hope you enjoy!


California long tee £5, Jeans £9, Black Cami £5, Cat print tee £8, Rolling Stones PJs £8, floral PJ tee £3.50, Monsters Inc PJ top £8, Pug lounge pants £6.

Make Up

MUA 1D Lipstipck in Be Mine (Harry) £3,MUA 1D What Makes You Beautiful Cheek Tint £3, Sleek Contour, Highlight and Blush Palette, £9.99, GOSH Eyebrow Kit £7.49, MUA 1D Little Things Nail Varnish in Fuschia Frenzy (Harry)


Primark Scented Candle £1.50, Chocolate Chip Pop Tarts 8 pack £5.

Alicia x
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REVIEW: Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream


Hey guys!

I was in Superdrug the other day, mainly looking for the One Direction make up releases, not gonna lie. I decided I wanted to find something to add to my lip saviours collection, I have 3 as of right now, Carmex Cherry, Vaseline Cocoa Butter and now, this!

This is the lip butter range from Nivea, it comes in 4 different flavours(?) Caramel Cream, Raspberry Rose, Vanilla and Macadamia and just an plain original for those who don't like scents! These are £2.25 in Superdrug and £2.50 online at Nivea.

I picked up the Caramel Cream version because the Vanilla wasn't there. It actually feels like what I'd imagine butter to feel like on the lips and it smells delicious, but not overwhelmingly so. The texture is similar to that of the Revlon Lip Butters but without the colour pay off.

For £2.25 I think this is a really good product and I really want to try the Vanilla one as Vanilla is my favourite scent!

Have you tried this product? Let me know!

Alicia x
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