REVIEW // EOS Lipbalm in Summer Fruits

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I've wanted to try EOS lip balms for ages but was gutted I could only get them from amazing. I remember spotting the "Balmi" lip balms in Boots and wanting one so bad but never purchasing one because they just weren't as appealing in their square packaging, sounds weird right? Aesthetic of a product is pretty important to me, if it doesn't look appealing I'm instantly put off.

I visited Selfridges in the Trafford Centre and saw they had EOS balms and without even thinking I picked on up and took it straight to the counter.

REVIEW // Revlon Color Stay Foundation in Ivory

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Revlon Color Stay 24hr Foundation for Combination/Oily Skin in Ivory - £12.99, Boots

Having oily skin is a bit of a problem for me, I like to skimp on products in my routine, using barely anything to get ready, but having skin that resembles the bottom of a frying pan I can't really skimp since I need sitting powder, primer, eye shadow primer and so on for my makeup to stay well. I've found that buying products suited to you skin type makes a HUGE difference, it's a no brainer, right? My latest find is Revlon Color Stay Foundation and here's why I think it deserves a review.

Makeup Mondays: Soft Browns and Bright Reds

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Red lips are definitely my favourite colour lips to wear any time of the year, yet I always feel over dressed when I wear them, no matter how toned down my makeup is.

During Autumn and Winter I feel it's a little easier to get away with them without coming off too "dressed up." So that's what I did! I wore my favourite lipstick on a regular day and I loved it.

On my face:

Sunday Summary #21


This past fortnight has gone so fast, I can hardly believe how quick its gone, like the rest of the year I suppose. I say the last fortnight specifically because I have had two weeks holiday from work and it just flew by but this is what i got up to...

REVIEW // MAC Myth Satin Lipstick


MAC Myth Satin Lipstick , £15.50 - /

Every girl needs that go to nude lip, the fail safe for when you want something very subtle on the lips, but something a little extra that looks like you've put some effort into it. The nude lip is perfect for this.

AliciaJadex on Social Media

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As well as a blog, many of us blogger/vlogger types run social media to go along with the promotion of the blog and to get our posts out to our readers or potential readers, here's where you can find me and my blog on other social platforms...

REVIEW // Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Blonde


Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Blonde - £15.50,

The Brows are well and truly having their hayday right now, everyone seems to be a fan of natural, full, well shaped and groomed brows and rightly so. The brow is, to me, one of the more important parts of my makeup and I wouldn't dare go out without them done, if I'm wearing makeup and this product has been my go to for many reasons...

Makeup Mondays: Smokey Eyes and Nude Lips


Makeup is one of  my ultimate passions, I love everything about it, hence the beauty blog. If it weren't for my love of makeup I doubt I'd eve be blogging now. High end or Drugstore, I love everything.

On my face:

Sunday Summary #20

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Here we are, it's Sunday again, time for another weekly summary. I've no idea where the weeks go but the seem to going ridiculously fast this year, I can barely keep track of the date any more. Anywho I'll get on to letting you know how my week went...

REVIEW // Revlon Brow Fantasy Brow Pencil and Brow Gel

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Revlon Brow Fantasy - £6.99, Boots

Brows really seem to be having their moment in the spotlight recently, and there's no wonder why. Decent brows can take your face from a 0 - 60 in under 10 seconds (more like 10 minutes if you spend as much time on them as I do) and I definitely think that they're the starting point in any great makeup look, they frame the face and make everything look so much better so it's definitely worth investing in your brows.

UPDATE // Estee Lauder Double Wear stay In Place Makeup in 1C1 Cool Bone

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Estee Lauder's Double Wear foundation is a best seller amongst the makeup and beauty world and it's not hard to see why. I can honestly say I whole heartedly agree with the hype around this product, it really does stand out from the crowd.

REVIEW // Maybelline Baby Lips Electro

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Maybelline Baby Lips Electro in Berry Bomb, £2.99 - Boots

Baby lips are like Marmite, some people love them some people hate them. But the real question is what do I think of them?

REVIEW // L'Oreal Color Riche Mono Shadows

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L'oreal Color Riche Mono Shadow in Smokey and Lumiere, £5.49 each - Boots

No intro needed for these shadows, just look at them, they are beyond beautiful and the packaging is so simple and elegant that I just had to pick up a few from Boots when I was browsing the L'Oreal section.

NAILS // D.I.Y Stiletto Nails (


Broadway Stick on Nails (long length), £7.99 - Boots

I am one of those girls who longs painted, long nails but is cursed with weak nails. Every time I paint my own nails, the paint cracks and chips and the nails just break so I often like to get my nails done professionally but pays £25 a time just isn't my idea of a great time, plus I hate the way acrylic nails ruin my natural nails. So with all that said I decided to see if I could do my own nails, temporary nails for nights out and special occasions, that wont ruin my natural nails and wont cost a bomb. So I pick up some long stick on nails from Boots and had a go myself!

Makeup Mondays: Night out makeup

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We all love a good night out don't we? Personally I absolutely love doing my makeup before a night out, I can put some music on, pour a drink and just take my time getting ready, it's probably my favourite part of a night out, except the night out, obviously.

Sunday Summary #19

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Another week has passed and its another week closer to Christmas *Ahhh, shut up Alicia!* Crazy right? 


FAVOURITES // September

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This month has been full of new discoveries and old reliable's in terms of favourites. I don't like to overload my favourites posts so I tend to chose around 5 or 6 products to do a short summary ad a little taster of what sort of thing I'm into where beauty and fashion is concerned.

I've been trying to put different things into my skincare routine to see what does and doesn't work for me. Simple Pore Minimizing Toner has been my most recent find and let me just say this has been amazing, my pores have been reduced in size so much and my skin just feels cleaner and firmer when I use it so definite thumbs up for that!

Next up is a brow product and I love and I think every man and his dog is going mad for at the moment. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Blonde and I can definitely see why its so hyped about because it really is brilliant. Read my full review here.

Sticking with the theme of eyes I've discovered a new mascara this month. Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara has been on my lashes every day for the last month in place of my usual Benefit They're Real! It's great on its own and even better layered on top of They Real! and is a really good all rounder it gives volume and length so I really enjoy it, read my review here.

Estee Lauder's Double Wear Stay in Place Makeup in Cool Bone has been my foundation staple this month, after running out of my usual MaxFactor 3-in-1 FaceFinity and couldn't be bothered to repurchase it down to sheer laziness. Double Wear is possibly my most favourite foundation I just can't fault. I also discovered that setting my foundation with Maybelline Matte Master powder gives a really airbrushed finish to the skin without looking cakey ad it really keeps your matte all day long.

Last but not least we have these gorgeous earrings from New Look. I am such a fan of earrings like this I think with the right outfit they look so so classy and sophisticated I even love wearing them to work. Just because I'm so attached to them, no other reason!

Non-Beauty Related Favourites:
Food: Spaghetti & Meatballs
Drink: Fanta
Song: This is How We Do - Katy Perry/Black Widow - Iggy Azaela ft Rita Ora
TV Show: Fresh Meat/The Simpsons

What products have you been loving in September?

Love Alicia x

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REVIEW // Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil

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Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil in Light It Up, £4.99 - Boots

I ain't gonna lie I love me some lipstick and Maybelline latest offering was my most recent purchase. Whilst browsing the aisles of Boots I came across the Maybelline stand and wanted to pick a few things up and since it was 3 for 2 I obviously went a little over board.

I bought one of their new Intense Velvet Lip Pencils in Light Me Up which is a true red colour. These pencils can be used to line your lips or for a full colour. The colour pay off is really great ad it doesn't apply streaky or patchy at all. I tend to use it as an all over colour as it's just such a good lip colour.

It gives a good few hours wear but after a few drinks you would definitely need to reapply as it isn't transfer proof but it is opaque and pigmented so that's a plus! The only downside like I said is it comes off pretty easy when your eating, drinking or doing anything involving those types of activities.

I really like this product and i definitely want a few more? What are you favourites? Let me know in the comments!

Love Alicia x

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REVIEW // Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara

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Rimmel Wonder'Full Mascara, £7.99 - Boots

Never have I once heard any person utter the words "I have too many mascaras, I don't need a new one" and I am no exception. Whilst I am beyond in love with my Benefit They're Real! mascara and am 100% committed to repurchasing it over and over, I'm not a one mascara kinda gal, I like to layer them on.

My newest addition to the stash is Rimmel's Wonder'full Mascara which Rimmel says is "The Secret Weapon to full volume without clumps. The new formula with Argan Oil feels incredibly lightweight, soft and flexible for wonder’full volume that won’t weigh you down." and to some extent yes I do agree with what they say.

The mascara comes in a lovely bronze, mirrored tube with black writing across it and looks quite luxurious apart from the fact its a little bulky but most drugstore mascaras (looking at you Maybelline) do come in quite a thick tube so this didn't really put me off.

The mascara is supposed to have Argan Oil in its formula which makes it lightweight and smooth feeling without making your curled lashes drop down and lose the nice curvy lashes that we like. I find this is true, the formula is very smooth, lightweight and actually quite pleasant to work with but I'm not sure whether it's down to Argan Oil, maybe its just me being pessimistic but that seems just a gimmicky selling point to me as everyone is going crazy over the oil at the moment so they may have just used this to boost sales.

The formula is very wet so you do have to be careful as it takes a minute or two to completely dry and you don't want to blink, or sneeze god forbid, and have it go all over your face, if this does happen to you, let the mascara dry and then wipe it away with a tissue or a Q-tip/cotton bud. 

Volume wise, I didn't notice anything major, it was a nice mascara and didn't clump up my lashes and once it's began to get a little dry you can go over it for lengthier lashes which is a plus but I always use my Estee Lauder mascara over this one to achieve volume as this mascara just doesn't take it up to a 10 for me where volume is concerned.

A good thing to note is if you, like me, have lashes that reach the skin under your brow and you often get little black dots where the mascara has transferred, this mascara doesn't do that which I am very impressed with as when using other mascaras I always come out of work with little dots underneath my brows looking like I didn't wipe away stray mascara which is a nightmare!

Overall this mascara isn't bad for £7.99! It's not groundbreaking and something I will go back and buy again and again but I can see myself re-buying if I was just in store looking around for a mascara to quickly pick up!

What do you think of this product? Let me know in the comments below :)

Love Alicia x

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UPDATE // Maybelline Babyskin Pore Erasing Primer

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Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Erasing Primer, £7.99 - Boots

A few months ago I wrote a review about this particular product and it it wasn't a glowing review lets put it that way, if you want to read that review then click here.

Long and short of it I tried this product back in May and didn't get on with it at all, it accentuated my pores and made me as oily as ever. I wasn't happy as I was really excited to try it, however, recently I ran out of POREfessional by Benefit and was at a loss as to what primer I could use whilst trying to decide whether or not to buy another POREfessional and the first one I saw in my drawers was this one and I thought I'd whack it out and give it another go.

I don't know how, what, why (etc) has happened but for some reason this primer has really started working for me now and it's working REALLY well. It may be down the fact that in May my skin is oily-er than and oil slick but now it's come to autumn there isn't so much oil on my skin so this may be why.

I have worn this primer for the past week or so everyday, going to work and it has kept my makeup on beautifully, I have felt absolutely no oil on my skin all day which for me is incredible.

I wont be using this when it comes around to the warmer months as previously it really didn't work out for me.

I'm really enjoying this primer for the winter months so will probably continue it to use it throughout the rest of the year as It's really impressing me and it just looks so flawless under makeup.

*UPDATED UPDATE 28/12/14* It was a honeymoon phase, the primer reverted to hating me unfortunately :(

What do you think of this product? let me know in the comments!

Love Alicia x

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Benefit The Real Steal: They're Real! Mascara and Liner set

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Benefit The Real Steal, £19.50 - Debenhams

    I am partial to a bit of "They're Real" Mascara by Benefit - by that meaning it's the only mascara I've used up completely and bought numerous replacements. However, I wasn't really too interested in the gel liner pen when it came out so never really saved my pennies up to buy it.

    I ventured into Debenhams on payday having ran out of several makeup bits and bobs and was mainly aiming to pick up another mascara so when I went to the counter and saw the mascara, gel liner deluxe size AND They're Real Removed sample for the same price as the mascara I thought, hey, why not! I was going to be paying the same price for the mascara on it's own so why not try them both!

    I don't know how long this little bundle kit is out for but it's available on the website too because I saw it on there and assumed they wouldn't have it in my store as It's a small store but to the woe of my bank balance, they did.

   I have the Maybelline Gel Liner pen and I love it and this is part of the reason I never bothered buying the Benefit one but after trying the Benefit deluxe size of the They're Real Gel Liner I can definitely see why it's so hyped because it's just so creamy and easy to apply first time where as the Maybelline one can take a bit more concentration and trial and error when first getting used it it. The Benefit liner is definitely a one and done for experience liner appliers like myself, I've been applying liner since I was 14 and I'm not 21 so I'm not really scared of the idea of it anymore!

   Everyone loves the mascara so there's not really much to say about it, unless you want a a review, then click here. I haven't yet used my little sample of the They're Real Remover as I have my Estee Lauder Take It Away makeup remover on the go but I may take the sachet to Liverpool next week as it's handy for travelling.

What do you think of these products? Let me know in the comments!

Love Alicia x

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