Life Post: University, first semester!

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Hey there everyone!

This is going to be a life post today because I see my blog as a place I can track what, where, who when and why things are going on in my life. Kind of like a diary so I can look back and be like "haha, oh how funny I was and still am" and so on and so forth! So without further a do I am going to introduce you to my Life post! 

I have written a previous post on my feelings towards university which you can read here. When I was writing my first post I was quite homesick and was enjoying myself but wasn't really fitting in (or so I felt.)

However, now I am loving it and I was actually quite sad to leave for Christmas and am definitely missing Liverpool! Needless to say I am also loving being back at home with my family, friends and my lovely animals. I just thought I'd take to my blog to let you all know what I had been getting up to in university and how I dealt with it all.

When I first went back I after the short break I had had in September/October I was feeling very negative about the whole experience and i was getting myself all worked up. Changing universities and packing up and leaving even crossed my mind for a second but then I thought "Hey, that's not me at all!" So I decided to take a positive look on life and things literally were up from there! I decided to kick my butt into gear and started to go to (mostly) all of my lectures and seminars and started to enjoy the course more and what it had to offer. This also made me appreciate movie nights and weekends more as i could just chill out after i had done all my work and assessments during the day.

I literally just sit in my pj's with a cup of tea/hot chocolate(given i have whipped cream) and watched movie after movie with my candles lit after I'd done all my assignments and it was just so cosy that I became to love the environment I'd created for myself in this small boxy student flat. Hard work definitely paid off as the more I went into university the more people I became close to and I now have a number of good friends in my classes which I adore! I also got all my assignments done and did my first assessed presentation which was a big milestone for me as I HATE talking in front of people.

Now i look back and I'm definitely glad that i stuck out university and made the most of a bad situation because it's really all a frame of mind, if you believe it will suck, then really its going to suck cause you're refusing to have fun and look on the bright side of things! University is a daunting and scary experience but once you've passed the crying over everyone you miss (took me about a month  it really is a lot of fun and a good change! Definitely embrace it! :)

On that happy note i'll leave you with a christmassy mouse!!
Alicia x

Six pieces of advice for my 16 year old self TAG! :)

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Hey there! :D
So I came across this tag when scrolling through Louise's blog (Sprinkle Of Glitter) and I thought I'd give it ago because it could be quite nostalgic as we'll a good laugh and everyone needs a bit of a laugh from time to timeeee! So it's the 6 things I'd like to say to my teenage self tag, here we go!

1) Don't worry about trying to please people, people will do what they want anyway and its much more rewarding in the long run to do what makes you happy.

2) Invest in some hair care products. I had long hair and it was so incredibly damaged that the ends just kept falling off and it was so sad cause my hair was so lush and it makes me cry to think I never used heat protectant or got it cut!!! I deserved it in the long run my poor hair.

3) Stop eating so much crap cause one day your metabolism is going to slow down. Needless to say it did and I put on two stone. I don't mind my weight now but I think I might try and lose it again. Look better in those disco pants!

4) Don't worry about relationships that went wrong because in 2/3 years you wont even bother with those people who were "your everything" well you might bother with them I'm still friends with them, but I have no feelings towards them and I think that's a good thing. Things are better and easier now and I can think straight!

5) Lay off the eyeliner!!! I was in a serious emo phase and i was loving the panda eyes look and the checked hoodies and all of that and was forever wearing black and red one my nails it was disastrous!!

6) Have Fun! 16 is by no means "grown up" even if you can legally know...hehe. But I think we are humans wants to grown up as fast as we can disregarding all the responsibility that comes with it. If I could give my 16 year old self one piece of advice it would be to Have fun, focus on school and spend as much time with the people I love as I can because I'll soon be grown up and having to go off to university with all my debt and what not. Now or never!

What advice would you give to yourself??

Alicia x

My Christmas Wishlist! :)

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This is my christmas list for this year, I don't really ask for much! Just stuff I've wanted for ages I tend to throw in my list! Plus since I'm 19 (almost 20) now my parents tend to focus on my younger sister in terms of presents which is fair enough, I've had a good 19 year run, haha!

What's on your christmas list?
Alicia x

Get to know me a little better with my ABOUT ME TAG! ❤

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Me: Alicia
Nicknames: Leak, Leaky-loo (cringe), Aliss
Birthday: 23/04
Birthplace: Bolton, UK
Zodiac: Taurus
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student/waitress
Residence: Liverpool/North Wales
Screen name: Aliciajadex/Aliciabirt

Hair: naturally blonde/dyed brown
Length: Mid legnth
Eyes: Blue
Best Feature: Lips/eyes
Height: 5ft 2"
Braces?: Nope! Never have :)
Glasses?: For reading
Piercings: Ears, Nose, Belly button
Tattoos: None yet
Righty/lefty: Righty


First best friends: 2 in infants called Alyssa and Kayleigh
First award: Dianne Evans award for most improved student 1998! awwww yeeee
First sport you joined: Netball
First real holiday/vacation: ...Rhyl 
First concert: My Chemical Romance
First love: cringeeeeeeeeee


Movie: Back to the Future trilogy/LOTRs 
TV Show: The Hills/Made In Chelsea/Geordie Shore
Colours: Purple/navy blue
Song: At the moment M83 - Midnight Cty
Candy: Fizzy cola lances, yummmm
Restaurant: Hard Rock Cafe/Pizza Hut
Store: I have a few but Primark and Topshop are my main
School: fave "school" is probably uni so LJMU =P
Book: I don't really have a favourite!
Magazine: Company
Shoes: Heels defnitely!


Feeling: Content :)
Single or Taken?: Taken
Eating: Nothing
Typing: This post
Online?: Yes...obviously!
Listening to?: M83 - Midnight city and My boyfriend killing people on the "X-men Origins: Wolverine"
Thinking about?: Christmas and hoping it'll be good!
Wanting: Christmas presents
Watching: I said earlier 
Wearing: Rabbit onesie!


Children?: Yes :) 2 hopefully!
Married?: I want to be
Careers?: Journalist/PR/Fashion (or combined ;) )
Where do you you want to live?: London/have a villa somewhere hot/have a cottage in Wales haha

Have you ever

Kissed a stranger?: Yes
Had Alcohol?: Yes
Smoked: Yes
Ran away from home?: Nope!
Broken a bone?: Yeps
Got an X-ray?: Yep
Broken someone's heart?: Don't think soooo
Broken up with someone?: Yep
Cried when someone died: Yes! As bad as it sounds, I didn't cry when my Grandma died until the funeral then I was balling my eyes out. But when my cat died I cried for weeks. Cat lady problems.
Cried at school?: Yes.

Do you believe in

God: No (No offence intended to those who do, I respect others' views.)
Miracles: No
Love at first sight: No
Ghosts: No
Aliens: No
Soul Mates: Not really
Heaven: No
Hell: No
Kissing on the first date: Yes, doesn't do any harm.
Yourself: Of course :)

I tag everyone who reads this! Link me your responses!!!

Alicia x

A weekend with: Ellie Goulding and Florence + The Machine

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When first going to these gigs I had a case of "pre-gig laziness." I don't know if this is a genuine thing or if it's just me and my boyfriend who get it(?)

Before any gig we seriously cannot be bothered and don't want to go but when we get their we become like children at Christmas!

On December 8th 2012 we went to se Ellie Goulding at the O2 Academy in Liverpool and it was honestly one of the best gigs I've ever been to in my like (so far) her new album Halcyon is so honest and raw that everytime I listen to it I feel as if you can feel what she went through when she wrote it I just love it.

Then on December 10th 2012 me and another friend attended Florence + The Machine at the Echo Arena in Liverpool again it was fabulous and Florence really interacted with the crowd and we were basically on the barrier and we're really giddy cause we could almost touch her, haha.

What are you favourite gig memories?

Alicia x

Beauty TAG: My beauty firsts! :)

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My beauty firsts!

Following the video from Lily Pebbles and ViviannaDoesMakeup I researched into this tag and also found a friend of mines blog - Hollie Bradbury of - had featured this tag as well so I thought I would give it a go. Tags are probably my favourite thing to do along with hauls and favourites posts! Bit of useless information about me there haha! Here we go!!

1) What's your earliest beauty memory??
Hmm, I had to think about this for a while. My earliest memory of beauty would be flicking through Bliss magazine (oh back in the day!)
I used to love looking at all the different hair styles and make up looks and trying to recreate them. Needless to say I always failed to my disappointment haha!
My first make up memory would be when I was 13/14 and I decided I was going to try and sport the black eyeliner/panda eyes all the time look in my emo phase! Need I say more? DISASTER!

2) What was your first beauty purchase?
My first beauty purchase was probably mascara or eyeliner when I was about 13/14 again as I said in the previous question and it was a win lose situation as now I cannot live without my eyeliner I think it is a staple in any make up bag but also it was a learning curve for me as I now know not to overload my eyes with it! Oh the other hand I looked awful and washed out and gothic for about 2 years!!

3) When did you first wear make-up
My very first memory of putting make-up on when when I was around 5/6 when you get those little make-up cases and you get a dolls head with them as well. Anyone remember those? The make up was for the doll but I used to paint myself, the walls, the cats, basically anything I could. MUA in the making! (Not, haha!)
I first started wearing make up full time in year 8.

4) When was your first beauty disaster?
My first beauty disaster was with hair oil, I didn't put two and two together and figure out too much oil = greasy I just doused my hair in this "Vaseline Intensive Care Hair Oil" I found in my mum's room and left it on my hair for half an out, when I say doused I mean literally soaked - half a 500ml bottle style. My hair was greasy from then on for about a week after washing it and washing it. I am now very cautious when using any oils, maybe too cautious! Greasy hair is definitely not a beauty lovers favourite look.

5) Who was your firstbeauty crush?
My first beauty crush was probably...Avril Lavigne. I was really into the skater girl look and being all punk as cringey as that is! Nowadays my beauty crush is probably Rosie Huntington-whitely/Cara Delevingne

6) What was your first brand crush?
Well, I was never really a one brand person but if I had to chose the brand I bought the most and loved it would be Rimmel London as I regularly bought all of my makeup items from this brand due to the fact it is available in my local Tesco!

7) What is your longest standing beauty love?
An item I will repurchase again and again is Marc Jacobs' Daisy Eau De Toilette. This is my signature scent I will forever purchase this item because I just think it smells divine. My favourite make up purchase has to be MAC face and body, I purchased this a while back and loved it more than anything make up related I've ever bought. Unfortunately according to my budget I haven't been able to afford it since I've tan out but as soon as I am paid again it will be mine!

So that's my beauty firsts tag! I tag anyone who reads this! make sure you link me to your blog, i love finding and reading new blogs. :) I hope you enjoyed it and/learned something new from it and thank you for reading!

Alicia x

HAIR CARE: L'oreal Anti-Frizz Serum & Aussie 3 Minute Miracle.

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My hair had been on a bad way for a few years now and it just refuses to grows.

I opted for hair extensions and did love them for about 3 months but being the lazy natured person I am I couldn't be bothered spending money on hair that would become tatty and ruined within the next 3 months so I decided that I would accept the hand that I was dealt in the fact my hair will never grow again *sigh*

I never stopped to think how I was causing damage to my hair every single day by hair drying it on the hottest heat and straightening and curling it on a daily basis without heat protection spray. I decided that if I was truly committed to growing my hair out that I would have to stop using heat on it until it decides it feels healthy enough to grow.

My journey has begun and I have used no heat on my hair (apart from my fringe, which grows now) for about 2 weeks and it is already in much better condition! My hair wasn't in terrible condition before this it was quite manageable it just refused to grow any longer than shoulder length because as the roots grew the ends would split and fall off (sad face)

The product I have been using to help me "fix" my hair are Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Frizz Remedy and L'oreal Anti-Frizz Serum. They are both available in high street/drugstores in the UK such as Superdrug and Boots!

Since I am only two weeks into this new way of hair life (lol!) I cannot yet say it's repaired my hair but my hair is significantly less frizzy and more manageable!

Are you trying to/have you been growing your hair out? Why not join me! What are your most recommended products?

Alicia x

Studs and Spikes! OOTD: Primark, Topshop, Boohoo and New Look

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Hey guys!

This is an outfit which I wore for university today! Just something simple and warm for these chilly winter months and it's all quite cheap! All from high street shops and current season!

Studded charcoal jumper - £8, Primark
Peace sign print legging - £10,
Spiked Necklace - £5.99, New look
Beanie hat - £3, Primark
Animal print Socks (not pictured) - £3.99, Topshop
Initial necklace - £1.50, Primark


What's your favourite Winter outfit? Let me know!

Alicia x

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