Beauty // My Current Favourite Self Tanners

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Bondi Sands Self Tanning foam in Dark - £14.99, Superdrug // Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tanning Mousse in Dark - £9.99, Superdrug

Fake tanning is something that is quite personal I find, some people love to be tanned, others love to be pale. In my opinion both options are good, I like that some days I can be pale and others I can be tanned without having to damage my skin.

I wouldn't say I'm a fake tanning pro, but I have used my fair share and these are the two that have stood out to me above others for many reasons.

Fitness // My Current Workout Routine & Some tips!

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Following on from my last post about starting my fitness journey, I thought I would share my current routine with you all and what I enjoy doing when I'm in the gym and when I'm not!

I wont go into what my diet consists of in this post as it may become too long, but if you're interested, leave a comment below and I'll write that up!

What's Going On?

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So I've recently taken a large break from blogging to focus on my, my mental and physical health and just because I wasn't enjoying it as much as I used to. I'm back now, but with more of a laid back approach and with a change of direction for the blog which I will explain.

Fitness // Getting started & losing 1 stone (14lbs) in 6 weeks.

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Left: 11st 1lbs/155lbs Right: 9st 10lbs/136lbs
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I just want to start this post off by saying that I'm in no way a nutritionist or a fitness expert at all!! I am basically a newbie, haha. I can literally only tell you what worked for me. Like I said, not an expert! This whole fitness and health topic is a minefield so I will tell you what I did and how, just for reference I am 5ft 2in (157cms i think) and I'm 23 years old. So I'm quite small. My calorie numbers and so forth may not work for your body.

I did this in a healthy and maintainable way, This is not a quick fix post or a crash diet, I'm still going to the gym etc to try and lose more but when I get to a comfortable weight, i do intend to stick with the fitness and healthy lifestyle I have found for myself. You can't do this and then go back to eating a surplus of cals/food as before everyday, you will just gain the weight back.

Ok with that out of the way I will get started on how I got into this sort of lifestyle and how I'm improving my health!

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