UPDATE // Hair Care Routine Autumn/Winter 2014 for Dry, Damaged and Frizzy Hair

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Products: Garnier Ultimate Blends The Sleek Restorer Shampoo & Conditioner £2.79 each - Boots // OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Penetrating Oil £6.99 - Boots //  L'oreal Paris Studio Line Hot Straight Heat Protecting Spray £3.69 &  Hot & Smooth Cream £3.75 - Boots // Denman Paddle Brush £10 - Boots // Tangle Teezer (Orange) £10.99 - Boots.

I recently wrote a haircare routine, when I say recently I mean at some point this year, which I guess is pretty recent. If you'd like to read that and see which products have changed (basically all of them!) then click here. I thought I'd update it as a few things have changed within my routine and my hair has been showing some signs of repair and growth which for me is brilliant as my hair is the "grow to the shoulders and stop" type. So i'll get into how this routine has helped me and hopefully it may help some of you!

Up until around April I hadn't had my hair cut professionally for 5 years, which is probably why it wasn't growing as the ends were snapping off constantly preventing me from seeing any actual growth.

When I did finally take the plunge and get the cut my hair felt so much healthier for it so first step to getting healthier hair I would definitely say is regular cuts, but it doesn't take a genius to solve that one right? I totally would understand why some of you may not want to go and get your hair cut, I was pretty afraid of getting a cut as silly as it sounds. The last time I went for a hair cut the hair dresser chopped my wait length locks up to my shoulders and I was devastated and refrained from going back to any professional ever since. However, since my hair was already shoulder length I thought, not much worse can happen so I went in for a trim and all was fine and I've definitely seen an improvement in my hairs look and health recently.

Getting a hair cut isn't the only thing that has helped my hair, I've been using a few treatments and products to help it on its way. Starting from the top of my hair care routine right down to the last step I'll go through what I do to keep my hair healthy up till my next cut is due.

When I get into the shower I start off with Garnier Ultimate Blends The Sleek Restorer Shampoo and I lather this on my hair for about 30 seconds then rinse it out. I usually only do the roots down to mid lengths as the ends of my hair never generally get too dirty and oily, plus shampoo can be drying to the hair so I like to think that as the shampoo is washing out and down the rest of my lengths that it is all taking the dirt from the tips of my hair. The next step is Garnier Ultimate Blends The Sleek Restorer Conditioner I put this all over the tips of my hair again up to the mid lengths not all the way to the roots, but I do generally focus on the tips and give them a bit of extra attention and moisture. I leave the conditioner on for the remainder of my shower so that could range from 15-20 minutes and get on with the rest of my shower, shaving my legs, washing my face etc.

Once out of the shower I tend to wrap my hair in an old t-shirt as this socks up a lot of the water which the harshness of a towel. Towels are quite rough and I just don't like that on my hair. I will finish the rest of my skincare routine and then take the t-shirt of my hair and apply OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Penetrating Oil then brush my hair through with my Tangle Teezer to spread the product through. I oil apply the oil to the tips of my damp hair and then follow on with L'oreal Studio Line Hot & Smooth Hot Straight Thermo Protecting Cream I focus this on the tips and lengths of my hair again avoiding the roots, this acts as a heat protectant so I do't need to apply any spray before blow drying.

Once the hair is dry I either just put it up into a bun and leave it if it's during the week, as I work during the week there is no reason for me to go straightening and curling my hair, unless of course I want to. If I do wish to straighten or curl my hair for work or if it happens to be a weekend then I will follow on the my L'oreal Studio Line Hot & Smooth Heat Protectant Spray after drying my hair. The cream, I'm lead to believe, has enough heat protecting properties to tide you over drying and straightening but since I have bleached hair I like to do as little damage as I can do I always follow with the heat protecting spray. I brush my hair straight after applying this and then wait for it to soak in and dry and then I will straight, curl, style my hair however I'm feeling and that's my hair finished.

Sometimes I do use a hair treatment or mask on my hair, usually once or twice a week and I'll apply this 3/4 hours before I'm going into the shower on  wet hair. The one I'm using at the moment is the Tresemme Reconstructing Deep Conditioning Masque £5, Superdrug and I'll just wash it out when I get in the shower and go through the steps I've just explained. I never brush my hair with a paddle brush when it's wet and if I do brush my hair when wet it's always with my Tangle Teezer as hair is very stretchy and vulnerable when wet and it will easily damage and break if you're too rough on it.

I hope this hair care routine has helped you! What're your favourite products to use? Let me know!

Love Alicia x

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