REVIEW: Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL Ultra Brights in Raspberry Rebel. - I'm going Ombre to bright pink!

Basically, I was getting bored of my hair and wanted a change, I've been feeling like this for a while but didn't really know what to do with it as it's not exactly long and the colour I had it (brown faded into blonde/ombre) isn't my natural colour, I'm naturally dirty blonde!

So I began trawling the internet for ideas on beauty/style blogs and didn't really find anything (boohoo :( ) and then I came across a girl, named Georgia...who had bright pink hair but it wasn't scene kid/tacky type pink, it was like a nice girly colour so I didn't really spend much time thinking about the pro's and con's of it, I just went out to my local boots and bought this:

Schwarzkopf Live Color XXl Ultra Brights in Raspberry Rebel £4 in Boots (at the time of writing this post)

It's a semi-permanent ultra bright colour that lasts 6-8 washes, so its more a wash in-wash out type of thing really! It comes with 2x conditioner, a pair of protective gloves and the tube of hair colourant, no mixing needed! You simply pierce the tube and squeeze the contents onto your hair! 

Where i applied it to my hair was bleached so my hair came out very very pink and i am in LOVE with it, the colour is vibrant and very pink and girly and doesn't look tacky, the conditioner made my hair very soft and smelt lovely. The dye itself didn't even smell like hair dye which is a plus because the dye fumes usually sting my eyes, Boo hoo!

BEFORE: (not a brill pic but I don't have one where it properly show!!)


I absoluuuutely love it and would recommend this hair dye to anyone who wants to dye their hair very vibrantly but not permanently! I will definitely be dying this colour back in when it fades because it's just so good on the hair and it has left it looking lovely and not wrecked and also because I will eventually want to go back ombre so I don't want to go permanent!

Thanks for reading!

What're your favourite hair colours? would you ever go this bright? Let me know!

Alicia x
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  1. love your hair dye~

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    filled with reviews on beauty products and other more~

  2. Hey sweety! Its Imani, we follow eachother on twitter! I love this pink!! It really suits you... infact I think you should dye ALL OF IT! lol I'd love to do this to my hair but I'm not as brave as you :)

    1. Heyyy! Well I actually have now! Lol. Takes some getting used to :) xxx

  3. In how many days did it fade out completely? I did my ends purple and its already fading ;/ ive only washed 2 times bleh. By the way, loved your hair.


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