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Jerome Russell BBlonde Platinum Blonde Hair Toner, £4.99 - Boots

My hair and I are constantly battling between copper tones and pure white tones and no amount of purple shampoo or toner has seemed to correct that. 

I usually use the Touch Of Silver purple twice weekly treatment from Boots but recently it's been turning me more grey than blonde and due to my hair's stubbornness it wasn't even doing it evenly, I just had random white patches. random grey/silver patches which had purple hues and then brassy/coppery tones all over my head, it wasn't fun.

I've seen these toners advertised on TV a while back but never thought to use them but on my recent trip to Boots I saw them again and decided to give them a try. I chose the Platinum Blonde toner.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for paying a fair amount for a good product but paying £4.99 for this one time use toner seemed a little steep to me when I was purchasing it, especially since it only lasts around 8 washes, however for the sake of my hair I gave it a whirl.

You apply this toner all over the head evenly to damp/towel dried hair, after you've washed it with a clarifying shampoo. After this you put on a plastic hood (commonly used during hair dying sessions) or a shower cap and apply heat with a hairdryer for 5 mins, after this you leave it to set for 30 minutes or however long was indicated  by your strand test (I skipped the strand test) and then you wash it out as normal.

I followed these steps minus the clarifying shampoo, I just used the Juicy Green Apples one by Alberto Balsam.

The result is as you see above and I'm pretty impressed, I think I missed a few bits of my hair on the underneath but overall the colour has blended in really well and ever got rid of the grey/purple tinted tones in my hair and evened it out.

I'll probably continue to use this in between root touch ups just to get my hair to a whiter colour as I am pretty pleased but seeing as my hair is so thick that one bottle can't do the roots and the lengths ~I may have to buy two *burns money instead.*

What do you think of this toner? Have you used it? Or if not, would you consider it? Let me know in the comments!

Love Alicia x

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