Review: Primark's HASK - Argan Oil Healing Shine Treatment AKA Hair food!


HASK Argan Oil Healing Shine Treatment - £2.50, Primark

They say "For a silky smooth finish with exotic shine. Lightweight oil infused with keratin enhancers"

Recently I've been bleaching and permanently dying my hair a lot, due to my ombre phase! As a consequence of this my hair has been looking kind of dry and the ends are very brittle. Trust me when I say I am NO hair expert, it is not my forte, for example the last time I had my hair cut professionally was when I was doing my GCSEs and I'm now in university...and I took a gap year! so it was around 3/4 years ago that I had my hair cut (professionally) just because I hate the hair dressers and how they do everything wrong (no offence to hair dresser this has just been my experience and I haven't found one yet who cuts it how I like it or isn't scissor happy!)

I was browsing around Primark, the love of my life, and I saw these little bottles of Argan Oil and since I used to buy the big bottles of Moroccan oil i thought that I would give it ago as after some research I've discovered the ingredients are essentially the same and these small viles are only £2.50 a pop!

I used it a week for I was due for a hair dye after every shower, I shower every other day and I applied it onto wet hair (this just worked best for me.)
applied it to the lengths and tips of my hair avoiding the roots by about 2-3cm, simply because the roots are oily enough as it is without extra oil to tempt it into greasy hair hell! After this I dried my hair as normal and styled it.Oh my god my hair was amazing I cannot describe how good it felt, it felt like I shredded silk and used it as a wig. I LOVE this oil and would recommend it to anyone who is currently in dry hair hell! It has a very...oily(?) consistency (I just didn't want to say greasy...) and has a wonderful smell, I could live with this smell in my nose for ever, it smells like oranges! It lasts me around 4-5 uses and I have medium-thick hair!The shampoo and conditioner I used it with is L'oreal Elvive Nutrigloss £2.49 a bottle from Home Bargains and it's the one with the little "crystals" in (or glitter as I like to call it!) Do you have any hair saving remedies? Let me know!

                                             Alicia x 

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  1. nice product *_* your blog is very good and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3


  2. I got tempted into buying this when i was paying at the till, haven't used it yet but i went through an ombre phase(now turned ginger because i dont want to get it cut). I just hate the hairdresser too, always feel so paranoid in there. Ive just chucked this in my cupboard but def gonna dig it out after reading this because my hair is like straw.

    1. It's really good let me know how you got on! :)


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