LIFE // A Weekend exploring the Capital & Places to visit in London.

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London is a city I've always wanted to visit but never really got around to. I went there in 2013 to see One Direction but never really got to sight see and be a tourist, I just mainly went shopping and then got the tube to North Greenwich to see the concert, but this month I went there for the weekend and really got to look around and take it in.

December 5th, 6th & 7th, some friends and I travelled down to the capital of the UK AKA London to have a few nights out and see the city and I have to say it was a brilliant weekend.

We travelled from North Wales to London by car and it took us around 6 hours.  I have to say I love car journeys with friends, listening to music and chatting in the car. Many a snapchat video was sent that journey. We made a few pit stops for coffee and general leg stretching and also to change a tire that blew out whilst we were driving, luckily no one was hurt and the car wasn't damaged during the incident which was pretty lucky but it was absolutely freezing and a little bit terrifying stood on the hard shoulder of the M41 whilst my friends changed the tire but we were back on our way in no time.

When we got there we dropped out bags off in our friend, Jo's flat and then got ready and made our way out for the night. We got the tube to Bond Station and went to a bar and grill called Meat Liqueur. The food place was quite american in style, they sold burgers and fries and had a bar which you could buy cocktails and other alcoholic beverages. I chose to go for a drink called a Henrietta Fizz which consisted of strawberry daiquiri, vodka, gin and lemon juice topped with a slice of lemon and a strawberry. It was delicious. Food-wise I had a cheese burger and some fries, nothing too exciting but oh my gosh it tasted delicious.

The restaurant itself was quite "alternative" they played a lot of rock music and it had a very dark gothic feel about it. There were a lot of drawing on the walls and the lights were dimmed. There were plastic drapes covered in fake blood and it was an amazing place to eat.  It's situated at the back of Debenhams on oxford circus if you're interested in checking it out.

After this we made our way to the first bar which was in Soho, by now I was regretting wearing heels, regretting would be an understatement I actually had blisters by the end of the night but all in all it was a pretty interesting night. The bar we went to was called Salsa and it played a lot of Latino music and everybody in there was actually doing the salsa. I am a terrible dancer so for the most part I just sat back and watched,  even if I did feel like a killjoy just sat down watching rather than joining in. The drinks were quite reasonably priced  and it was a really nice atmosphere in there, everybody seemed so happy to be doing the Salsa it was quite bizarre, coming from North Wales it was such a different atmosphere.

After this we made our way back to the bus station and got a bus home and ended the night with a few more drinks in Jo's flat and had a few laughs before turning in for the night ready for the next day.

The morning after we all got up around 11am and went out into London to see a few of the more touristy spots. The first stop was Wetherspoons in across Putney Bridge for some breakfast and then we headed to the tube station. The next stop was "The Blue Door" on Portabello Road in Notting Hill. My friend Joe really loves the film Notting Hill so he was quite excited to see that, after we'd looked through Portabello Market and seen the famous door, we grabbed a coffee headed back up to Hyde Park and took out 6 Borris Bikes to ride around the parks and see some more sights.

We took the bikes and rode around Hyde Park for around 30 minutes and my hands were absolutely frozen! We then said goodbye to our friend Sophie who went to Winter Wonderland and then we headed over to Buckingham Palace. I took quite a few pictures as my Mum is a royal fanatic then we rode to a few more spots such a Trafalgar Square, Westminister Abbey and Big Ben. 

After this we put the bikes back and walked down to the London Eye near Waterloo and we got the tube from there back to Jo's flat where we ordered some takeaway pizza, had a few drinks and got ready to go out again.

That night we headed to a pub called Temperance first, in Putney Bridge and then we crossed the bridge and went to Be At One Bar which has a crazy atmosphere again. This was a more "mainstream" bar playing top 40 hits and what have you but the bartenders were just so up beat and happy they looked like they were having the best night of their lives, it really was a great bar.

Afterwards we were going to go to a club but it was £15 to get in and we didn't fancy that so we went to Wetherspoons at around 12am and ordered two rounds in to keep us going and then we headed back to the flat to play a few more drinking games and finish the night there.

The game we ended up playing was Bean Bamboozled which you can buy from River Island. The game involves eating Jelly Beans and each coloured Jelly Bean can have two possible flavours, one will be nice and pleasant and the other will be horrific. For example orange jelly beans can be either Peach flavoured or Vomit. Trust me when I tell you, the vomit one, genuinely taste of vomit, I was almost sick I has to dispose of it into the bin and rinse my mouth with mouth wash before the taste would disappear. You can see in the last photo my friends Joe (Left) and Jo (right,) yes it's confusing they have similar names, Jo has eaten a vomit jelly bean and really wasn't very happy about it, it was absolutely hilarious!

After that we did a few Oodka Watermelon shots, played some Justin Timberlake and had a dance to finish off the weekend.

It really was a brilliant weekend and a great break from reality, even if it did break my bank, London is expensive! I definitely want to go back to London soon though, going to start saving the pennies!

Love Alicia x

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