My Top 3 Foundations for Any Occassion

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L -R: Max Factor FaceFinity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 foundation, £12.99 - Boots // Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation, £12.99 - Boots // Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place makeup, £30 - Debenhams

Foundation is definitely one of those products that is personal to everyone's different skin types and everyone's different skin needs but these foundations, in my opinion deal with a lot of different skin worries all in one.

For reference I generally have oily skin, occasionally it gets dry and I am prone to a breakout or two, usually around the chin area. These foundations cope extremely well with those problems and I will tell you how.

Just as a little bit of background on these foundations so I can set the scene for you, I'll tell you how I prep my skin before hand.

First off I will either cleanse my face or wipe it with micellar water depending on the time of day I'm doing my makeup, just to rid my skin of excess oils that may have built up overnight or after previously cleansing. I will then use La Roche-Posay Effaclar Mat as my moisturiser to help tighten pores and reduce excess oil, if my skin is feeling particularly dry I will use Sanctuary Therapists Secret Facial Oil underneath the moisturiser for extra moisture. I then go in with Estee Lauder Mattifying Primer and I let this all set into the skin before applying anything else. 

I apply my foundation with a damp Beauty Blender or Real Techniques sponge.

Maxfactor FaceFinity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation, Shade 50 Natural.
This is my all time favourite drugstore foundation, It ticks all my boxes and does everything for me, except one thing, it causes flash back in photography. Which is a shame! Other than that it's great for daytime use, everyday. I usually use shade 40 Light Ivory everyday and shade 50 when I fake tan, but since I was testing out the Miracle Match I didn't need to repurchase yet for everyday.

It doesn't cause me to break out, it doesn't settle into any lines or dry patches I may have but on the other side of the coin, it doesn't slide off my face when I tend to get a little oily. I don't know how it does it, but it really is a great foundation. If you have super dry skin, I would use a hydrating moisturiser or primer before applying.

I would say this foundation is a medium buildable coverage. One layer will cover red patches and blemishes on my face but not freckles or dark circles, strangely. So a second layer will usually cover those up for me if I feel it's needed.

Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation, Shade 40 Light Ivory.
I decided to test this found because I liked the idea of the "blur and nourish" selling point. I wouldn't say 100% that it blurs but it is definitely nourishing. It's quite a dewy foundation with again, medium coverage but I haven't tried to build this one so can't comment on that. It does look really good on the skin and is quite light weight.

Again, this foundation doesn't settle into dry patches but I do get less wear time out of it that with the FaceFinity foundation, due to my oilyness, so for that reason I think it would be better suited to dry skinned people.

In terms of SPF , this foundation has non so I would use an SPF underneath it if you are going out on a hot day, but due to it having no SPF it doesn't cause flashback in photography, hurrah!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Makeup, Shade 1C1 Cool Bone
I'm pretty sure everyone and their Mum and their Mum's dog has tried this foundation by now but it really is good! It stays in place, it's really full coverage and it lasts really well, up to 8 hours I would say.

This foundation does tend to settle into dry patches after some time, so if i'm feeling dry in certain areas I will just be sure to give them extra moisturiser before applying this foundation. It doesn't dry my skin out and it covers everything really well, giving a nice blank canvas base to start with.

It does have SPF 10 but I haven't every noticed flashback in photography, in my experience, it's super good for nights out and events, where you need your makeup to stay put and stay in place for a long period of time.

There we have it! My top foundations that I use to get me through any occasion. I am trialing some other foundations at the moment and will report back to you with those, in the mean time, let me know you favourite foundations! Have you tried any of the ones I've listed? What did you think of them?

Love Alicia x

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