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Paco Rabanne Olympea Eau de Parfum, £42 - Debenhams

I'm always on the hunt for new fragrance, I'm especially inclined to buy them when a new season rolls around as I tend to like a different scent for each season, just me?
 So when winter came around I was looking for something s little spicier and muskier than my usually Paul Smith Rose, and I already had a favourite fragrance in the form of YSL Black Opium, so I went for Paco Rabanne Olympea.

This fragrance is very different to what I'd usually go for but I asked for the help of one of the ladies in the fragrance department at Debenhams and she was so good at what she does she gathered a few fragrances and sprayed each one onto a tester card and gave them to me to make up my mind and I decided on Olympea.

The quality of the fragrance is amazing. You can spray it on yourself in the morning and it'll still be as strong in the afternoon, it's gorgeous. I would recommend giving it a spray next time you're in a fragrance hall or if you're thinking of purchasing it as I do find this, as with many other fragrances, smells different on every person I've smelt it on. Nevertheless it smells amazing.

The fragrance has 3 accords which are:
1: Green mandarin - Ginger Lily - Hydroponic Jasmine
2: Salty Vanilla
3: Cashmere Wood - Ambergris

The woody scent is definitely complimented by the floral scent but it's so hard to describe through words that I'd definitely recommend giving it a spray when you can!

Have you tried this fragrance? What do you think of it? Leave a comment below!

Love Alicia x

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