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Paul Smith Rose Eau De Parfum 100ml, £57 - Debenhams

If there is one thing I need during the summer, except a holiday and some decent BBQ food, it's a summer fragrance. Last year and many years before that, it was Marc Jacobs Daisy original, this year it was going to be Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess until I couldn't physically part with my money and turned to a cheaper alternative and I found that in the form of Paul Smith Rose.
The fragrance is described as fresh, modern, airy, individual, sensual and addictive. I can vouch that it definitely is all these things, the rose scent is very subtle but definitely there and it smells so clean and even though it is light, the scent lingers giving you a nice surprise every now and again when you catch the fragrant smell of rose and all it's different and even lovelier layers.

Now getting onto the notes, I am absolutely rubbish at descibing perfumes so I've taken this extract directly from the Paul Smith website to really give you a feel of what the perfume is like:

 "No blooms are harvested, crushed and distilled – instead the living flower is isolated in a glass bell and equipment ‘inhales’ the scent.  The rose’s scent has been blended with Turkish rose oil and green tea with a sparkling halo of violet and magnolia flowers. A woody accord, with touches of cedar, provides depth and structure, which along with soft husks, give it an addictive quality.A rose by any other name might be something you expect…. Rose by Paul Smith is something altogether different. Fresh and individual, modern and memorable."

I am in love with this perfume and will definitely repurchase it again and again, the bottle comes in a cute rose print box and you even get a little travel sack/dust cover which is covered in rose print as well for the perfume to be stored in when it maybe isn't being used as much.

Have you ever tried this perfume? What did you think of it? 

Love Alicia x

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