Recap: Goals for September & New Goals for October.

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At the start of September I wrote this post about my goals for September. The post was about short term goals I wished to achieve during the month. In this post I'll recap those goals and write some new ones for October!

September Goals:
1. Pass my Theory Test - Done! Passed first time :)
2. Be more consistent - Failed this one.
3. Try to overcome/control my anxiety better. -Not completely there but I'm better.
4. Look after myself better - Failed this one.
5. Save money - Done!

2.5/5 goals accomplished!

So not great over all but this has been a good way to keep on top of my goals and keep me motivated with clear goals in mind, now on to new goals!

1. Be more consistent/organised
I'm putting this one back in as it's a big thing for me. I'm so disorganised, it's a work in progress! I will try to be more consistent on my blog and be more organised in real life. I also want to be more present on social media e.g Instagram etc so I'm hoping to post at least once a day on there!

2. Work on my blog photography
I quite like how my photography is at the minute but I'm always looking to learn new tricks and see how I can improve my skills!

3. Book my practical driving test
I passed my theory test now so my next goal is to book my practical, there's a pretty long waiting list for the test so I've got plenty of time to get my practice in but hopefully I'll get it booked in the next week!

4.Drink more water!!
I am notorious for not drinking water pretty much at all, I can go all day on half a pint of water and not feel thirsty. However I am aware this is very unhealthy so I'm trying to remedy this, I'll report back in November!

5. Save even more money/manage money better.
Us beauty lovers know what it's like to blow money on beauty products, I seriously think I have a spending problem hence why I'm putting this one back into the mix. I did save money in September, but I want to save more, more I tell you!

So that's my recap and those are my goals!

Thanks for reading! What are your goals for October?

Love Alicia x

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