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Bondi Sands Self Tanning foam in Dark - £14.99, Superdrug // Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tanning Mousse in Dark - £9.99, Superdrug

Fake tanning is something that is quite personal I find, some people love to be tanned, others love to be pale. In my opinion both options are good, I like that some days I can be pale and others I can be tanned without having to damage my skin.

I wouldn't say I'm a fake tanning pro, but I have used my fair share and these are the two that have stood out to me above others for many reasons.
I'll go through each and give them a mini review for anyone who hasn't used them and reasons why I love them both.

Bondi Sands
Bondi Sands has recently, within the last year or so become available to us in the UK and since seeing it on many Australian blogs I thought I'd give it a go for myself.

- Consistency
The consistency is very similar to other foam/mousse type fake tans, you just shake the bottle and put a couple of pumps on the mitt and spread it across your body. It stays wet for about 30 seconds so you can really rub it in and get any spots that look a little patchy.

- Smell
Unlike some fake tans, that carry the infamous biscuity scent, this one smells like coconuts! It fade when the mousse has dried but it doesn't leave any foul smell on the skin, I could only smell it on myself if I pressed my nose to my arm, so nothing offensive.

- Colour
This tan comes out pretty dark, I am super pale and I don't look orange with this tan on as I've heard some darker tans tend to turn those of us who are paler a lovely shade of orange once it has set, but this one leaves a nice, dark, natural colour to the skin. It comes out dark from the bottle but gradually gets darker as it develops. When you shower hardly any of the colour goes down the drain which is awesome, just obviously the excess product is washed away.

- Transfer
Yes this tan does transfer whilst it's setting on your skin, I find if I don't wear PJ's that fully cover me, which I never do because that's uncomfortable for me to sleep in, there's always a dark fake tan patch where I have slept, on my bed the next morning and it's usually red for some reason, I'm guessing the tan is red based? BUT after you shower off the excess/guide colour there isn't any transfer onto your fresh sheets, white clothing items or any other item for that matter.

- Wear
I find I can wear this tan for around 5 - 7 days and it fades really evenly, if you properly maintain it. I have gone 3 or 4 days without moisturising it and it stayed quite well but if I go longer than that without properly maintaining it then it tends to go patchy and come off the oilier parts of me such as elbows and neck.

Cocoa Brown
Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter is the famous tan, from Ireland, that has made it's mark on the entire world in recent years and for very good reason, again I saw it through blogs and decided I wanted to try it out after moving on from my trusty St Moriz tan.

- Consistency
Again very similar to other tanning mousses, you just shake the bottle and so on. Nothing groundbreaking but why fix what isn't broken! This one dries a little faster than the Bondi sand one but I've found that even if I have missed a patch and the rest of my tan has dried, If I just go over it then it's fine, it doesn't come out patchy.

- Smell
As with all Cocoa Brown products this tan smells like Tahitian Gardenia, which is a beautiful smell and no fake tan smell when it fades away either, so win win! It also doesn't leave any busicuit smell when the guide/excess is washed off.

- Colour
This tan comes out super dark from the bottle and gets darker as it develops but some of that colour does go down the drain once you shower. The colour you see when you wake up, after a night of letting it develop wont be the colour you have when you wash it, it'll be 1 -2 shades lighter, but for me that was good as the colour was a little intense for me!

- Transfer
There is significantly less transfer with this tan, there is a slight colour rub off on my sheets but it's a light tan colour, nothing annoying and there isn't any colour transfer when you wash the guide colour off either. Which is super convenient, as that's the last thing we need, right?

- Wear
I would say I get around 3-5 days of good colour from this tan, the colour stays dark for three days after washing the guide off and then after that gets lighter and lighter. It fades really nicely and it rarely goes patchy for me, which is fab!

So now you can probably see why I love these tans, for different reasons they are both really great! I would probably give them both a 8 or 9 out of 10 as there are some things which I would prefer to be improved or changed but nothing that would stop me from buying them!

What are you favourite fake tans? Any you would rate 10/10? Let me know!

Love Alicia x

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