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So I've recently taken a large break from blogging to focus on my, my mental and physical health and just because I wasn't enjoying it as much as I used to. I'm back now, but with more of a laid back approach and with a change of direction for the blog which I will explain.

So my blog has evolved with me as I've grown up I've been writing it as a hobby and something to do in my down time for a few years. 

I've never seen it as anything other than something to do when I was bored or when I had a day off work so in that sense it suffered as I became lazy and then started to see it as a chore. However now I see it as somewhere to share my thoughts and opinions. Somewhere to share my interest and my hobbies and somewhere to possibly help other people.

So here's what's changing, I won't be posting on certain days as I have done previously because my working hours are so random it doesnt work for me, so I will post around twice a week, unsure of days as of yet.

I am also going to incorporate more lifestyle, health and fitness posts as I've recently discovered it as a new hobby and I'd like somewhere to share it and what better place than here? So this will be anything from favourite exercises at the gym, favourite things to do on rest days and healthy recipes.

If you have any suggestions then throw them my way in the comment section below!

This is all very much a learning curve for me so please bare with me but I'm trying to get more of a personal feel to my blog as it was getting over saturated with review after review of beauty products. By no means will the reviews stop but they will just be dotted around more and more evenly spread, possibly one being posted every few weeks.

Hopefully you will all continue to stick with me and continue to support me. I do have a separate Instagram for fitness related posts so if you'd like to follow that it's (link) and my personal more beauty oriented Instagram is (link)

Thank you for reading, like I said if you have any suggestions of things you would like to see, please comment, I could always use some suggestion!

Love Alicia x

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