FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in 130 Shell

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Revlon Nearly Naked foundation in 130 Shell - £8.99, Boots

Hey guys!
I've been reading up on new foundations because a new one my MaxFactor FaceFinity has started to run out, even though I love it to bits I wanted to try more foundations just, well you know, because I can and I want to widen my range.

I have read a few reviews about Revlon Nearly Naked on blogs such as Essie Button's and ViviannaDoesMakeup and thought I'd give it a go after reading their glowing reviews!

I'll start off my saying I have combination/oily skin (oily chin and T-zone and dry cheeks some days, other they're shiny) When I first tried it I used Rimmel's 5 in 1 Primer as a base then applied the foundation. I found when I used this method the foundation didn't set very well even with powder on top of it and it basically just slid right off my face due to my oily skin and it wasn't a pleasant experience. Next day I decided to try a new primer with it and went for L'Oreal Lumi Base Primer and this was a lot less oily and the foundation actually set! (Hurray!) Before I applied this primer I also thoroughly exfoliated and moisturised and properly cleaned my face etc etc so this may have also been a factor!

I also think I chose the wrong shade as whenever I use it I just get streaky orange lines and you can clearly see where the foundation ends on my skin, as obviously I can't cover my whole body in it so it has to end somewhere...Obviously this is my fault, for choosing the wrong shade, but it was the lightest shade available in my local Boots and Superdrug stores and it just made me have an even more unpleasant experience with this foundation and I am unsure of whether or not this brand/range even does a tone to match my skin. There didn't seem to be a whole lot of colour choice from what I remember.

One thing I do like is how build-able it is, you can have it "nearly naked" as in it looks like your skin "but better"  so it evens the tone, and makes you look more flawless, or you can keep topping it up to get a more full coverage type of setting but without the foundation looking too cakey.

This foundation as a whole has not massively impressed me at all as my expectations were so so high due to the recommendations from other bloggers and reviews I had read. I am continuing to use it as I don't have another foundation yet, but I do have to make a proper effort on my face to get the longest staying time and to proper blend it so I don't look like an "Oompa Loompa" which is unfortunate as sometimes I just don't have the time for this long winded routine, but when I do make the effort it stays all day and doesn't transfer it's build-able and its got great colour toning. 

I'd give it a firm 6/10 as it,s great for building from sheer - full(ish) coverage, on the right skin tone it would be amazing and it was only £6.99 on offer! So I would buy it again if I could get the "Vanilla" shade, but maybe more towards the Winter months! I know this is meant for sheer coverage summer months but it just doesn't deal well with my skin in the heat!

Have you tried this foundation? Thoughts?

Alicia x
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