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Topshop blush - £6

Hey guys!
I went to London on April 2nd 2013 to see One Direction (cue remarks of how sad i am!!) needless to say they were fabbbb and I am convinced Harry will love me! Moving on, I had to visit Oxford Circus for the shopping due to it being my first time in London, obviously!

I visited Topshop and was absolutely overwhelmed by the crazy big store!! It's HUGE all you Londoners are probably laughing at me but in North Wales we have a corner in an "outfit" store that we call our "Topshop."

I picked up a few make up bits, two lipsticks (see below post) and this blush. This is a cream blush because I had money and thought, why not? I've never read a review on Topshop blusher or even seen a friend with one so I'm a complete newbie! This is also my first cream blush so I'm completely blind and throwing myself in at the deep end with this one.

I used my Real Techniques blush brush to apply it as it applies just the right amount of product.This blush comes out very light and you can build it up and up until you get the shade you like. It's a very hot pink colour but looks lovely on the cheeks! I love this blush and I'm glad I finally purchased my first cream blush, thank you London/Topshop!

(Sorry for the lighting!! The top picture is very true to colour but my house is naturally badly lit, due to lack of windows! haha)

What do you think of Topshop's make up range?? Let me know!

Alicia x

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  1. The few products that i've tried from the range have been really lovely! This looks super lovely too! Thanks for the review, just followed! :)

    Latasha @ Le Powder Room
    Let me know if you stop by!x

    1. Thank you! Yeah i'm loving what i've got of the Topshop cosmetics! will do :) xxx


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