The Primer Affair.

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Ah, the age old question amongst beauty fanatics, do primers actually work? What do they actually do? For me it's a bit hit and miss with primers, some work for me and some have an adverse effect. My first primer was the L'Oreal Lumi primer and since then I've been in love.

Depending on your skin type different primers will work and some won't work for you. For example i'm of the oily skinned variety and have large pores around my nose/cheeks - hence POREfessional. It's oil free and fills/reduces the appearance of pores under make up. Sounds almost too good to be true.

The reason primers and me get on so well is that primers create a barrier like cover between the skin and the make up, so, using myself as an example, the oil from my skin doesn't come through and cause my make up to slip and slide during the day. They're also used to perfect  imperfections such as pigmentation such as on my cheeks where I usually get red and blotchy or my pores, which I don't mind but I do like a flawless base for my foundation.

In this post I've compiled a total of four primers of which two are loves, one I like and one, unfortunately, I loathe and I will guide you through them.

Benefit's POREfessional 22ml - £24.50
My favourite primer has to be none other than the famous POREfessional. It's oil free POREhiding (nudge nudge) formula gives it an edge against other primers keeping it at the number 1 spot in the beauty world. A definite keeper in my make up routine.

Rimmel's Fix & Perfect Pro 30ml - £6.99
This little gem is a steal at £6.99. It's not silicone free but it's very gentle on the skin and keeps make up in place all day. It has a 5 in 1 formula which corrects all sorts of skin mishaps. Definitely worth a try if you're in the market for a drug store primer. Next on my list is the new Stay Matte range.

Seventeen Stay Time Primer 30ml - £6.99
This primer I am not a fan of, I included it in this post to add variety and to share with you that even though I mostly go right with my purchases, due to researching reviews and reading ingredients, that sometimes i go horribly wrong and this was one of those times. First impressions review: here.

Maybelline Dream Smooth Primer 7ml -£8.99
This is a funny story. I won this from a blog giveaway and never expected anything from it, but boy was I surprised. The smooth gel like formula glides over the skin with such ease, correcting and blurring imperfections as it goes whilst filling covering pores and creating the perfect barrier between skin and base. It is a gel type but it isn't heavy or cakey. The only downside is the price, £8.99 for 7ml is ridiculous and that alone has skewed me towards other more affordable options.

Primers are and will continue to be my make up saint for the foreseeable future. If you're looking to dash to Boots for your primer fix, I hope this helped! 

Alicia x
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