The Monday Matter #1: Red Velvet and Kurt Geiger



The Monday Matter is a new section on Alicia Jade that will be aiming to give you the lowdown on my weeks, things I've loved and things I've done. There will be no negativity as the Monday Blue's is something this little section is aiming to beat for me and all my lovely readers!

So I know it's not Monday, but this is a new section to Alicia Jade that will be going up on Mondays where I'll just share my weekly news etc. The reason it didn't go up this Monday was because I had work Saturday-Monday and internet problems. They've all be sorted out so now my blog will resume the usual Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting! Moving swiftly on...

This week has been all about organising my life into reachable, realistic goals to get me into a better and more professional - grown up, if you will - lifestyle. I've been note writing and blog post planning and scheduling like crazy trying to get my personal life as well as my blog into a bigger and more fast moving, yet manageable place. I've also been trying to relax a little more as recently I've been so on edge with money etc so as well as sorting myself out a monthly beauty, lifestyle and fashion budget, so I can have a bit of security yet a little fun, I feel I am on top of it all now and it's never felt better. What better time than the "start" of the year. Better 2 months late than never right?

Shoe Love You can see the little gems that I have purchased above. My new KG by Kurt Geiger shoes *LOVELOVELOVELOVE.* I also bought some Illamasqua products in the form of Tweak powder blush and Immodest matte lipstick - the site I bought them from was awaiting stock on the lipstick hence it being absent from the photograph.

Red Velvet Now you can relate to the name of the post, right? I discovered Red Velvet cake this week and I love it! I always thought red cake = strawberry, how wrong was I? Being a vanilla fanatic (literally vanilla everything, body mists, candles, food, you name it I love it) this cake was more than up my street and I had a nice little (ish) Caramel Latte to go with it along with good company and a nice view of my neighbouring/historic town of Llandudno.

Blogging My blog is going to move in a slightly different direction, no revamp or anything it's still same old familiarity, just more personal and more professional with slight post title changes but that's it. I want Alicia Jade to become a brand of sorts for my make up work but also me, my life and my interests so beauty, skincare and all things that us guys and girls love!

That's pretty much it for all things monday! Have you had a good week last week? Share your best bits!

Alicia x
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