REVIEW: VO5 "Smoothly Does It" range

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VO5 "Smoothly Does It" range - £7* ASDA


Recently I've been on a sort of quest, if you will, to find the ultimate hair care range to give me shiny soft and healthy looking hair for longer after cuts and dying sessions. I really try and find a range that matches my hair's needs so: dry, frizzy, damaged, over processed - anything in that sort of area, so when I saw this on offer in ASDA I thought why not give it a try? As I'd wanted to try the new VO5 range for age and never got around to it so since the whole range came together or £7 it'd seemed silly not to!

As you can probably tell if  you follow me on Instagram I often dye my hair, sometimes up to twice a month if I doing crazy colours, so I need to keep my hair moisturised and protected. This shampoo & conditioner range claims to tame and add shine to dry and frizzy hair which sounded great to me and with added head defence I was sold! I straighten my hair almost everyday and sometimes blow dry it. Healthy huh? Not.

I've been using this for around 3 weeks now and I have definitely noticed the difference, my hair is softer, shinier and a lot thicker than it previously was and I love it. I've always had thick hair but since dying it, the chemicals in the dye seem to have killed the life within my hair causing it to be flat and super dull so having this range in my life has cheered me up no end!

The aftercare treatment I usually just ruffle through my hair after a shower, I do this quite randomly but try to get all my hair - avoiding roots, concentrating on the ends of course!

I also really love the super girly packaging, as I say in near enough every post, I'm a sucker for packaging! This is so girly and cute and the conditioner bottle has a pinky/purple iridescence in it that's just gorgeous.

Basically what I came here to say is, if you have over processed, dry, frizzy and/or damaged hair, definitely give this range a whirl! You never know, you might love it too!

Have you ever tried this range? Let me know!

*Disclaimer - the offer was on 3 weeks ago and I do not think this range is £7 now - it is around £11.48 for the whole range.

Alicia x
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