Current Beauty Favourites.


I've been in a sort of a beauty rut for a few months now, using the same products day in day out and not really being interested in finding anything new. Sort of in my beauty comfort-zone, if you will.

This isn't my monthly favourites, I haven't done one of those posts in a while because like I said, I haven't tried anything new that's really stuck out to me in the last few months, this is just products I've been loving recently.

To remedy this, I took myself to Boots and tried to bring myself out of this funk by picking up a few different things to mix in with my already beloved bits and these are the items that I am loving my for day to day makeup, new and old in my collection.
My all time favourite makeup item to buy is Lipstick, after that it's definitely bronzer/contour products. I love to be bronze and tanned looking during Spring/Summer, I love being pale and interesting, as the saying goes but I also like to glow like a VS model every once in a while, ya know?

These products are ones to bring out your inner VS model, light foundation, for skin like skin (after foundation,) mascara that gives you lusciously curled lashes with length and volume in no time, bronzer to contour even the palest of skin tones and a blush that suits pretty much every skin tone.

These products are my holy grails at the moment, as for eyes, I'm always changing up my eye shadow and I have a few favourite palettes, hence why they're not pictured, I wanted to keep it to the bare minimum.

Products Pictured:
Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Foundation in Ivory
Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
Estee Lauder Pure colour Blush in Peach Passion
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Blonde
Real Techniques Setting Brush

Alicia x

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  1. I love Hoola but I do wish it was a little less expensive. Mine is running out and I'm dreading having to repurchase!

    Jordan Alice

    1. Same!! I get discount on it, because I work in debenhams, but even then it's expensive for what it is! xxx

  2. Always hoola bronzer :) it's so gorgeous! Lovely favourites :)

    1. Definitely agree! i really want to try ABH contour Palette though! xxx

  3. I love heatwave! ... and dipbrow...and hoola! I feel like these could all be my favourites! I need to try the dream flawless foundation! xxx

    1. It dries like a powder and is VERY light coverage so if you've got problematic skin I wouldn't suggest it, but if you haven't definitely give it a go! xxx

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