What's in my Bag?

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I've wanted to do a "What's in my bag" for a while but didn't think it'd be the right sort of topic for a blog, I feel like it's better suited to YouTube and then I thought, you know what, balls to that! So here's what in my bag, if you're interested!

My bag as two pockets, the side and the main pocket and then little zip pouches, in the main pocket is things I use all the time so items I can grab at easily such as my purse, keys, diary and headphones. The diary is just to schedule my work shifts, appointments and anything else I need to remember as I have a memory like a sieve! My keys stay in the main pocket because I don't want to squash the cute little pom pom which I currently have an obsession with! I have one on my keys and one on my bag, they're so cute! Then I have my headphones and purse for obvious reason!

In the zip pockets I keep just little random things that I may need or that I keep in my bag so I have them with me wherever I go! 

I have my work lanyard, I need it pretty much every day so I know if I take it out, I will forget it when I go to work and it has my locker key on it, don't want to forget that! I have some paracetamol just in case I need them when I'm out and about, a pen for my diary and receipts of recently purchase items which I go through quite regularly because after the policy return date is up, I throw them out!

I also have a little smell perfume card just to keep my bag fresh, I change this quite regularly at work because they lose their smell pretty quickly!

In the second zipped up pocket, which you can't see in the photo, I keep my Balenciaga makeup bag for quick touch ups in work or on the go. I only take this with me if I know I'll be out for longer than around 5 hours. I have quite oily skin so I do need to powder regularly.

In the makeup bag I keep powder and a powder brush, my St Tropez bronzer (as my powder is a little bit too light for me when I'm fake tanned and it also has a mirror on it.) Eyeliner as my eyes are quite watery sometimes, whichever lipstick I'm wearing that day, this day it was MAC Velvet Teddy and some lip balm just in case my lipstick dried out my lips a bit too much!

That's it! Everything in my bag, usually I have my phone and some food in there if I'm working but obviously I needed to use my phone for pictures. 

Hope you enjoyed!

Love Alicia x

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