Review & Swatches // Urban Decay Naked Smoky Eyeshadow Palette

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Urban Decay Naked Smoky, £38 - Debenhams.

I've wanted to own one of the Naked palettes for as long as I've loved makeup, but I could never justify, in my own mind, £38 on an eyeshadow palette. Then the other day I saw the Naked Smoky was being realised and mixed emotions overcame me a mixture of FOMO and also confusion. I'd previously spent £39 on the Too Face Chocolate Bar palette and £32 on a Chanel Bronzer so in my half asleep half awake state, I just bought it without thinking about it and now I am the proud owner of a beautiful range of eyeshadows.

L-R High, Dirty Sweet, Radar, Armour, Slanted, Dagger, Black Market, Smoulder and Password
Cont. L-R Whiskey Combust and Thirteen.

Consisting of 12 gorgeous shades, 9 of which have never been seen in other UD palettes and 3 that are exclusive to this palette, the Naked Smoky is one that is unlike anything I currently have in my collection. With shades ranging from super dark, to soft and everyday wearable colours all in numerous finishes from satin, shimmery and matte, there is definitely a range of looks you can create with this palette and it's something I'm extremely excited to play with.

My current favourite shades are Dirty Sweet (satin), Whiskey (matte),Thirteen (matte), Combust (matte) and High (shimmer). I'm definitely more of an everyday soft smokey eye wearer than a dark and sultry makeup girl but I will definitely be experimenting.

A little bit definitely goes a long way with these shadows and you don't need to pile them onto your brush to get a good colour payout, I learned this the hard way and piled Whiskey onto the Smokey Smudger brush then ended up looking like I had a black eye. Nothing that couldn't be sorted out with a lot of blending though!

That's another thing, the brush. Like all Naked Palettes you get a brush along with them and unlike less expensive high street shadow palettes, where you get the double ended eyeshadow sponge applicator that are usually really crap, with these palettes you get a very good quality brush that I actually really enjoying using. On one side there is a thin, small, short bristled very dense brush and on the other side is a longer bristled blending brush, perfect for creating the classic smokey eye.

The packaging on this palette is incredible, the smoke effect on the outer packaging and also on the palette itself is so beautiful. The casing feels very high quality and has that satisfying click sound when you close it so it would be great for travelling seeing as it's so secure. As per all Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes this also comes with a decent sized mirror on the inside of the packaging for touching up on the go or to get a closer look for a more detailed eye look.

You also receive a little leaflet with smokey eye tutorial step my step guides, for any beginners out there who love the palette and want to try something a little daring or different. I really like this idea and also got one with my Too Faced palette. They're super easy to follow and you even get a picture showing how the finished look should turn out.

The lasting time for these shadows is also great, with a little bit of concealer on my eyes to double up as a base these shadows last all day on me without creasing or losing their pigmentation.

One thing I was disappointed with was the lack of primer potion samples you get in the other Naked palettes but it wasn't a huge deal, I just expected it to be there when I probably shouldn't have! It's easy to get over, I assure you.

What do you think of this palette? Have you tried it? What are your favourite eyeshadow looks? Let me know!

Love Alicia x

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