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Do you ever sit down to write a blog post and just thing "I have no idea where to even start..." That's me right now.

I haven't written a proper favourites post since *opens new tab to check blog archive* January, where I spoke about my December favourites. I have no idea why, I just haven't, no excuses I've been lazy!

These are my favourite from January, up until now, there isn't a lot but these are ones that have really stood out to me.

Now lets move onto what I've been loving.
Skin Products

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan, £7.99 - Superdrug. //  Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanse & Polish, £15.50 - Feel Unique. // Estee Lauder Take It Away Makeup Removed Lotion, £22 - Debenhams.

This year for me has been heavily focused on skincare and making my skin look and feel as healthy as possible. I'd heard a great many rave review about Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish so decided to give it a go, needless to say I have not been disappointed not only has it helped me cut down the amount of breakouts I have, it seems to be controlling my oily skin and reducing my pigmentation, win win!

If any of you own Estee Lauder's double Wear Foundation you will know that sh*t is like cement on the face and trying to remove it all with a face wipe isn't going to happen and you may as well just be wipe your face with a tissue for all it matters. Introducing, Take It Away, it's like this stuff was formulated to remove Double Wear it just breaks it down so easily and so quickly, it's like a god send.

Cocoa Brown has taking the blogging world and social media by storm so I couldn't not try it out. I picked it up way back at the beginning of the year and have been repurchasing it ever since, what's good is that I've used it pretty much fortnightly and I'm only on my second bottle, that to me is crazy. It's an amazing tan with amazing results. I have also picked up the dark version to try out and will report back with my end results on that. I feel like the more I wear fake tan the darker I crave for it to be, need to stop myself before I go to far! Read my full review of Cocoa Brown here

Hair Care

John Freida Sheer Blonde Highlight Activating Shampoo & Conditioner, £5.89 each - Tesco

I normally go into Boots/Superdrug/Tesco and pick up whatever is on offer when it comes to shampoo, until one day I decided to treat myself and buy something a little pricier (it's almost like I enjoy being skint at the rate I throw money around.)

I ended up coming out with these products and I haven't looked back, I have compliments on my hair since using it, my hairs been softer and more manageable and whats more is that it actually works after one use, or it did for me. I used it once, styled my hair and went to work and as soon as I got there, a colleague asked me if I'd had my hair done and commented on the healthy condition of it, score!

The compliment wasn't the reason for it being a favourite, but it's always nice when you put a little more effort in and it gets noticed, right?

Makeup Items

MAC Velvet Teddy, £15.50 - Debenhams, //  Benefit Roller Lash £19.50 - Debenhams, // Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Permanent Taupe, £4.99 - Superdrug.

When I first bought Velvet Teddy I wasn't 100% sure it was my thing, I knew I loved how the colour looked on other people, but I wasn't so sure on myself, having experimented with it a little and mixing it with other lipsticks such as MAC Myth and Mac Whirl, I'm loving it, it's such a gorgeous nude colour that suits an array of skin tones. I do find that it looks heaps better on me when I have a little bit of a tan though!

Roller Lash is a mascara that changed mascaras for me, I was a through and through "They're Real!" girl until I tried this and now I don't think I'd buy They're Real! again (unless its one of the funky colours they do now!) This mascara elongates the lashes, separates them and give a little bit of volume all in one, I do have to build up coats but that isn't something that bothers me, it's a really good one to pop into your bag for emergency mascara touch ups as it gives your lashes an awesome boost.

I have a few of the Maybelline Colour Tattoo's, the famous On and On Bronze also being on of my favourites, so I decided to try Permanent Taupe as I'd seen a few reviews and also, it fascinated me since it's the only one in drugstores local to me carry (I don't know if this is the case for other stores) without any shimmer in it, it's a matte cream shadow which I love, I paired it underneath a cream eye shadow, as it is quite dark, and it works wonderfully and changes the colour of lighter eyeshadows so you can really experiment with your look. Would definitely recommend 10/10 IGN. (sorry if you think I'm weird and don't get that)

Misc. Products

Paul Smith Rose Eau De Parfum 100ml £29* - Debenhams // Boots Base Coat Nail Polish, £4.99 - Boots

Looking for a summer fragrance was one of my missions at the beginning on June, I was so set on buying Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess that I over looked even considering any other scents. The I remembered my friend had this scent a few years ago and i absolutely loved the smell. When I saw it was on offer and £20 cheaper than Bronze Goddess I just had to have it, and it's been a firm favourite ever since. Paul Smith's Rose is a gorgeous, light and floral scent, definitely one you should go and try out, read my review here.

I was never one to obey what nail polish bottles told me. So when reading the back of my Barry M nail polishes and seeing "apply base coat" I would laugh at it and go ahead applying nail polish to my naked nails, little did I know that upon removing said polish, I would be left with stained nails. I've tried an array of base coats and none have particularly stuck out to me as doing anything other than a bog standard, keeping my nail varnish from staining my fingers, job, so when I saw this one for £4.99 I couldn't see why I shouldn't try it, so I did. This base cost does everything you would expect it to, plus it keeps my nail varnish from chipping, bonus!

Bronzing Products

Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Series Contour Kit, £39 - Cult Beauty // Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronze universal Makeup Base £32, Debenhams // St Tropez Bronzer - part of the St Tropez Gradual Tanning Kit, £25 - Debenhams or £20.43 on it's own - Also Debenhams.

Anastasia hits the nail on the head every time with her products, the first product I bought was her famous Brow wiz and I loved it, not as much as I love my Dipbrow but non the less, an excellent product. The contour kit is equally as amazing, 6 different shades for different purposes all beautiful and blend like butter onto the skin if you want to read my full review click here.

Chanel is renowned for luxurious products and their cream bronzer is no exception, you get 30g for £32 which may sound expensive but considering how little you need to use each time (probably less than 1g) it will last you forever, it glides onto the skin, blends seamlessly and dries to a skin-like finish. It has been my go to bronzer all Summer!

Last but certainly not least, St Tropez bronzer, this is a Terracotta colour bronzer and is brilliant for giving your skin a little extra tan when your natural (or bottle) tan is starting to fade, its so easy to work with and doesn't pack on too much colour so you wont end up looking like an oompa lumpa, you'll just look super tanned!

Hope you enjoyed my favourites of this year so far! 

Do you like any of these products? If so let me know which ones and why!

Love Alicia x

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*Items in this post may have been reduced in price at the time that I bought them, they will now be full price.
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