Monday Matter #17

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Ah, the Monday matter, whatever happened to you? Laziness probably...

This is the first Monday matter I've done in a few months and I've missed doing them to say the least, I love looking back on old ones and seeing what I'd been upto in weeks past ad reminiscing on the memories. The reason I stopped was because work became pretty hectic and I am quite a chilled person so the thought of working 8 hours then coming home to blog every Sunday/Monday wasn't my idea of a good time to be honest so I dropped the Monday matter for a while, but alas, it has returned. Let's see how long I'll keep it up this time!

Wales Recently I did "The British Tag" with a welsh spin which was quite fun. I love being English but I'm so lucky to live in Wales and be able to call myself a Welsh Citizen, it's such a beautiful country. The reason I chose to put a welsh spin on it was because the tag seemed to be celebratory of all things English and traditional English traits so throwing a bit of Wales in the made it more personal to me. You can have a read of it here.

Lashes If you follow me on Instagram or twitter you may have seen me with no makeup on. I'm not ashamed of it but It's not something I would call myself  "brave" for doing. My face is my face if ya don't like it don't look at it basically. Moving on from the mini rant, my point was if you've seen those pictures you can seem I have small eyes and this is a problem when wearing falsies because I have to cut them down and I often get scissor happy and ruin the lashes. Ardell's Demi Wispies are my favourite because they're so natural I can cut them in half and use them as half lashes on the outer eye without it looking like I have weirdly full lashes on the outer eye and none on the inner eye. So for me Ardell have nailed it!

Brows Brows are a very important part of my makeup routine, a bad brow will ruin my day and make me feel crappy about my makeup. Having discovered Anastasia Beverly Hills' brow range I don't think I'll have bad brows again the Brow Wiz is amazing and so easy to maneuver and the Dipbrow Pomade is insanely pigmented and lasts forever with or smudging or fading. Bad brow days no more! Read my review of the Brow Wiz here and the Dipbrow Pomade here.

Hair I am no stranger to an at home dye job and recently I change my hair from platinum/silvery white hair to a medium - light blonde with platinum highlights as a change and to give my hair a rest from bleaching it every 8-12 weeks. You can read the full hair post here but basically I love the change and will probably stick with it throughout the winter.

Love Alicia x

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