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L'oreal Preferene Glam Lights highlighting kit in 01 For Light to Very Light Blonde hair, £7.49 - ASDA

Dying my roots back in is something I dread, my roots will go stark blonde whilst the rest of my hair is a nice ashy blonde colour that has taken me nearly 3 weeks to get to, then the roots have to go and mess it all up and I have to start the process again which it's probably really bad for my hair.

My alternative t constantly bleaching and dying my roots is highlighting them. I decided that rather than keep bleaching all my hair I would just bleach sections so that it will still look a nice light blonde but with my natural hair colours #(dark/dirty blonde) and the lighter blonde all mixed in making it look a little more natural and I chose L'oreal's new highlighting kit to do this.

I started off with my hair and left all my hair down and parted it to how I would normally wear it day to day. I then took the special 3 pronged brush that comes with the little kit and ran it from root to tip all around the top of my head and down the lengths and waiting the 45 minutes for it to develop. The pictures above left - right are before and then during the dying process and as you can see the hair did start to go a lot lighter at the roots.

My first experience with this kit wasn't as pleasant as I expected, most of my home hair dye jobs go pretty well but with this one I just wasn't liking the results. (I say first because I've used it again since and it hasn't gone too bad.) I'm not going to give a completely negative review because I think partly the reason for my bad experience was that my hair was already very very light blonde so the roots matched my hair but because it was only sections it looked patchy and also it was my first time using this new brush tool they supply you with so I was a bit cack-handed with it and blobbing it on.

I would recommend this if you have darker hair than I have in the pictures above or if you've done home highlights before because you'd probably find it useful otherwise, if you are going to buy it the watch a tutorial first because I wish I did.

also, just a pointer, everything in this kit is the same as the Wild Ombre's kits apart from the brush and the Wild Ombre's kit is around £1.50 cheaper. So pro tip if you every buy this kit, keep the brush tool and just buy the Wild Ombre's one afterwards! That what I'm planning to do.

Have you tried this kit? Let me know your thought in the comments below!

Love Alicia x

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  1. Sounds like a great home dye! I don't think I'd dare dye my own hair I'd definitely mess it up!

    Salt and Chic // UK Fashion Blog

    1. Once you do it enough you kinda get used to it, when it goes wrong for me I just dye over it haha (obviously within reason I wouldn't bleach on bleach on bleach haha) xxx


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