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Me: Alicia
Nicknames: Leak, Leaky-loo (cringe), Aliss
Birthday: 23/04
Birthplace: Bolton, UK
Zodiac: Taurus
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student/waitress
Residence: Liverpool/North Wales
Screen name: Aliciajadex/Aliciabirt

Hair: naturally blonde/dyed brown
Length: Mid legnth
Eyes: Blue
Best Feature: Lips/eyes
Height: 5ft 2"
Braces?: Nope! Never have :)
Glasses?: For reading
Piercings: Ears, Nose, Belly button
Tattoos: None yet
Righty/lefty: Righty


First best friends: 2 in infants called Alyssa and Kayleigh
First award: Dianne Evans award for most improved student 1998! awwww yeeee
First sport you joined: Netball
First real holiday/vacation: ...Rhyl 
First concert: My Chemical Romance
First love: cringeeeeeeeeee


Movie: Back to the Future trilogy/LOTRs 
TV Show: The Hills/Made In Chelsea/Geordie Shore
Colours: Purple/navy blue
Song: At the moment M83 - Midnight Cty
Candy: Fizzy cola lances, yummmm
Restaurant: Hard Rock Cafe/Pizza Hut
Store: I have a few but Primark and Topshop are my main
School: fave "school" is probably uni so LJMU =P
Book: I don't really have a favourite!
Magazine: Company
Shoes: Heels defnitely!


Feeling: Content :)
Single or Taken?: Taken
Eating: Nothing
Typing: This post
Online?: Yes...obviously!
Listening to?: M83 - Midnight city and My boyfriend killing people on the "X-men Origins: Wolverine"
Thinking about?: Christmas and hoping it'll be good!
Wanting: Christmas presents
Watching: I said earlier 
Wearing: Rabbit onesie!


Children?: Yes :) 2 hopefully!
Married?: I want to be
Careers?: Journalist/PR/Fashion (or combined ;) )
Where do you you want to live?: London/have a villa somewhere hot/have a cottage in Wales haha

Have you ever

Kissed a stranger?: Yes
Had Alcohol?: Yes
Smoked: Yes
Ran away from home?: Nope!
Broken a bone?: Yeps
Got an X-ray?: Yep
Broken someone's heart?: Don't think soooo
Broken up with someone?: Yep
Cried when someone died: Yes! As bad as it sounds, I didn't cry when my Grandma died until the funeral then I was balling my eyes out. But when my cat died I cried for weeks. Cat lady problems.
Cried at school?: Yes.

Do you believe in

God: No (No offence intended to those who do, I respect others' views.)
Miracles: No
Love at first sight: No
Ghosts: No
Aliens: No
Soul Mates: Not really
Heaven: No
Hell: No
Kissing on the first date: Yes, doesn't do any harm.
Yourself: Of course :)

I tag everyone who reads this! Link me your responses!!!

Alicia x

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