Beauty TAG: My beauty firsts! :)

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My beauty firsts!

Following the video from Lily Pebbles and ViviannaDoesMakeup I researched into this tag and also found a friend of mines blog - Hollie Bradbury of - had featured this tag as well so I thought I would give it a go. Tags are probably my favourite thing to do along with hauls and favourites posts! Bit of useless information about me there haha! Here we go!!

1) What's your earliest beauty memory??
Hmm, I had to think about this for a while. My earliest memory of beauty would be flicking through Bliss magazine (oh back in the day!)
I used to love looking at all the different hair styles and make up looks and trying to recreate them. Needless to say I always failed to my disappointment haha!
My first make up memory would be when I was 13/14 and I decided I was going to try and sport the black eyeliner/panda eyes all the time look in my emo phase! Need I say more? DISASTER!

2) What was your first beauty purchase?
My first beauty purchase was probably mascara or eyeliner when I was about 13/14 again as I said in the previous question and it was a win lose situation as now I cannot live without my eyeliner I think it is a staple in any make up bag but also it was a learning curve for me as I now know not to overload my eyes with it! Oh the other hand I looked awful and washed out and gothic for about 2 years!!

3) When did you first wear make-up
My very first memory of putting make-up on when when I was around 5/6 when you get those little make-up cases and you get a dolls head with them as well. Anyone remember those? The make up was for the doll but I used to paint myself, the walls, the cats, basically anything I could. MUA in the making! (Not, haha!)
I first started wearing make up full time in year 8.

4) When was your first beauty disaster?
My first beauty disaster was with hair oil, I didn't put two and two together and figure out too much oil = greasy I just doused my hair in this "Vaseline Intensive Care Hair Oil" I found in my mum's room and left it on my hair for half an out, when I say doused I mean literally soaked - half a 500ml bottle style. My hair was greasy from then on for about a week after washing it and washing it. I am now very cautious when using any oils, maybe too cautious! Greasy hair is definitely not a beauty lovers favourite look.

5) Who was your firstbeauty crush?
My first beauty crush was probably...Avril Lavigne. I was really into the skater girl look and being all punk as cringey as that is! Nowadays my beauty crush is probably Rosie Huntington-whitely/Cara Delevingne

6) What was your first brand crush?
Well, I was never really a one brand person but if I had to chose the brand I bought the most and loved it would be Rimmel London as I regularly bought all of my makeup items from this brand due to the fact it is available in my local Tesco!

7) What is your longest standing beauty love?
An item I will repurchase again and again is Marc Jacobs' Daisy Eau De Toilette. This is my signature scent I will forever purchase this item because I just think it smells divine. My favourite make up purchase has to be MAC face and body, I purchased this a while back and loved it more than anything make up related I've ever bought. Unfortunately according to my budget I haven't been able to afford it since I've tan out but as soon as I am paid again it will be mine!

So that's my beauty firsts tag! I tag anyone who reads this! make sure you link me to your blog, i love finding and reading new blogs. :) I hope you enjoyed it and/learned something new from it and thank you for reading!

Alicia x
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