Life Post: University, first semester!

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Hey there everyone!

This is going to be a life post today because I see my blog as a place I can track what, where, who when and why things are going on in my life. Kind of like a diary so I can look back and be like "haha, oh how funny I was and still am" and so on and so forth! So without further a do I am going to introduce you to my Life post! 

I have written a previous post on my feelings towards university which you can read here. When I was writing my first post I was quite homesick and was enjoying myself but wasn't really fitting in (or so I felt.)

However, now I am loving it and I was actually quite sad to leave for Christmas and am definitely missing Liverpool! Needless to say I am also loving being back at home with my family, friends and my lovely animals. I just thought I'd take to my blog to let you all know what I had been getting up to in university and how I dealt with it all.

When I first went back I after the short break I had had in September/October I was feeling very negative about the whole experience and i was getting myself all worked up. Changing universities and packing up and leaving even crossed my mind for a second but then I thought "Hey, that's not me at all!" So I decided to take a positive look on life and things literally were up from there! I decided to kick my butt into gear and started to go to (mostly) all of my lectures and seminars and started to enjoy the course more and what it had to offer. This also made me appreciate movie nights and weekends more as i could just chill out after i had done all my work and assessments during the day.

I literally just sit in my pj's with a cup of tea/hot chocolate(given i have whipped cream) and watched movie after movie with my candles lit after I'd done all my assignments and it was just so cosy that I became to love the environment I'd created for myself in this small boxy student flat. Hard work definitely paid off as the more I went into university the more people I became close to and I now have a number of good friends in my classes which I adore! I also got all my assignments done and did my first assessed presentation which was a big milestone for me as I HATE talking in front of people.

Now i look back and I'm definitely glad that i stuck out university and made the most of a bad situation because it's really all a frame of mind, if you believe it will suck, then really its going to suck cause you're refusing to have fun and look on the bright side of things! University is a daunting and scary experience but once you've passed the crying over everyone you miss (took me about a month  it really is a lot of fun and a good change! Definitely embrace it! :)

On that happy note i'll leave you with a christmassy mouse!!
Alicia x

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