Six pieces of advice for my 16 year old self TAG! :)

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Hey there! :D
So I came across this tag when scrolling through Louise's blog (Sprinkle Of Glitter) and I thought I'd give it ago because it could be quite nostalgic as we'll a good laugh and everyone needs a bit of a laugh from time to timeeee! So it's the 6 things I'd like to say to my teenage self tag, here we go!

1) Don't worry about trying to please people, people will do what they want anyway and its much more rewarding in the long run to do what makes you happy.

2) Invest in some hair care products. I had long hair and it was so incredibly damaged that the ends just kept falling off and it was so sad cause my hair was so lush and it makes me cry to think I never used heat protectant or got it cut!!! I deserved it in the long run my poor hair.

3) Stop eating so much crap cause one day your metabolism is going to slow down. Needless to say it did and I put on two stone. I don't mind my weight now but I think I might try and lose it again. Look better in those disco pants!

4) Don't worry about relationships that went wrong because in 2/3 years you wont even bother with those people who were "your everything" well you might bother with them I'm still friends with them, but I have no feelings towards them and I think that's a good thing. Things are better and easier now and I can think straight!

5) Lay off the eyeliner!!! I was in a serious emo phase and i was loving the panda eyes look and the checked hoodies and all of that and was forever wearing black and red one my nails it was disastrous!!

6) Have Fun! 16 is by no means "grown up" even if you can legally know...hehe. But I think we are humans wants to grown up as fast as we can disregarding all the responsibility that comes with it. If I could give my 16 year old self one piece of advice it would be to Have fun, focus on school and spend as much time with the people I love as I can because I'll soon be grown up and having to go off to university with all my debt and what not. Now or never!

What advice would you give to yourself??

Alicia x
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