PRODUCT REVIEW: Lush lip scrub in Popcorn!

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Hey guys!

So i'm pretty sure during these past Winter months that our lips have been through hell and back right? I'm forever putting lip balm on but thinking..."I'm sure the lip balm wont rid my lips of the lose bits of skin that seem to be staying put through thick and thin?"

For a while now I've just put up with it and haven't thought anything of this horrible dead skin on my lips thinking it would just go and then I'd have soft luscious lips but, yeah you guessed it, I was wrong! It stayed through anything I did. I even tried to use my tooth brush when i was brushing my teeth but found that this method just irritated my lips.

Moving onto the reason you're all here - I was in Lush the other day and amongst the varied sweet smells of bath salts and bath bombs galore I found this little gem, Popcorn lip scrub (it also comes in a variety of different flavours such as mint and bubblegum!) I picked it up and thought "hey, what do I have to lose?" I went to the till and paid £5.25 for this little pot of joy and when I tried it I found that it was just what I'd been searching for.

The idea is that you take a small bit of the sugary scrub upon your finger and massage it into your lips vigorously. When you feel your lips have been exfoliated to the max you simply lick off the excess and then apply your favourite lip balm! Since the scrub is made from things commonly found in your kitchen it is totally safe to eat AND it tastes like popcorn!!

Another perk to this fab little scrub is it's completely animal cruelty free, like all Lush products which is a defintie reason to buy this over other lip scrubs in itself, and it even tells you what date the product was potted and made and even who made it which I thought was cute!

Since you don't need a lot of product when exfoliating your lips this scrubs will last you a long while and do wonders for your lips!

Have you tried this scrub?? What do you think??

Alicia x
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1 comment

  1. Oooh my sister has this in bubblegum and it actually tastes lovely! ... and who doesn't like popcorn huh? xx

    another great post! x


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