Spending ban wishlist: sigh sigh sigh!


  1. Missguided dress - I have a thing for buying clothes in which i can only wear to go on a night out in. I have so many dressy-type clothes yet limited day time clothes, i need to rectify this! However, i do love this dress!
  2. Rimmel Apocolips Lip Laquer - I am in LOVE, no understatement, with the Apocolips range, i currently have colours Big Bang, Celestial and Apocoliptic but I want them allll!!! (The picture I've used is from shesaidbeauty)
  3. Missguided rose gold cut out skater skirt - I don't know what it is but in drawn to shiny things and i love the cut outs - you can never have too many skirts! (See - a going out skirt...what is my life)
  4. MUA pro brow kit - I've recently bought the MUA heaven and earth palette (i think thats it's name...) and i really like their products, I saw this on a blog of who's i don't remember but i thought it was really interesting so i want to try it out!
  5. Topshop BANG crop shirt - I have the mickey mouse crop and LOVE it with my discopants so i want to get this one as well as i can use it in summer too!
  6. Topshop black crop - Same as above, i have the grey one and want more colours
  7. Topshop tiger crop - same as above again!
  8. Topshop lace crop - I've heard this is very small and to order 2 sizes up so i think i'll probably go in store to buy it - if anyone that reads this has one, leave me a comment! I think it's a really cute top and it could be paired with anything!
So that's my wishlist! Link me yours :)

Alicia x
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  1. Im on a spending ban myself :O ...loool but I suspect it will be broken very soon loooool

    great post!




    1. I'm saving for a new phone but it's so hard!!

      Thanks :)



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