20 lovely, interesting and pointless facts about me!


20 facts about me

I've seen a few people do this on blogs I've been browsing so thought I'd jump on the blogging bandwagon! Here we go!!

1. My full name is Alicia Jade Birt and I was named after my Great Grandma Alice.
2. I'm a Journalism undergrad student
3. I'm terribly shy
4. I love cookies and Jaffa Cakes
5. I'm nearly 20 years old but I still feel 15.
6. I always start diets then fail and go back to eating rubbish
7. I have a major love of cats and dogs
8. I have 2 cats, Domino and Tom and I have a dog named Mooshy.

9. Mooshy is deaf ( poor mooshy )
10. I'm English but I live in Wales - I attend University in England
11. I am awful with money, I spent so much last semester I couldn't afford to live.
12. I am a self confessed lover of iPhones - I spend probably 60% of my day on mine and I do not regret it!
13. Contradictory to the above I do think I should take more time out to appreciate life (cheesy)
14. I've never been abroad
15. If I'm passionate about something that's usually the only time I get things done.
16. I don't really experiment with make-up because every time I do I feel I don't suit the look - yet I have 2-3 draws off cosmetics at home.
17. I am a lover of all types of music
18. My hair wont grow (cries)
19. I like to spend my day blogging in my pyjamas
20. I love playing on my PS3

So that's me done! Anything that interested you? Let me know!! Link me to your 20 facts!!

Alicia x
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  1. Hi Lovely :)
    I found your blog through the chat last night and just managed to check it out!

    I really like it and I'm your 14th Follower :D - I also like chilling in my pj's and blogging haha!

    Would love you to check my blog out if you get a chance

    India xox The Jewel Beauty Blog |Beauty,Lifestyle & Fashion!

  2. Ooooo thanks!! I've followed you :) xx


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