MUA Pro-brow ultimate eyebrow kit - Yep, I caved in!

Hey Guys! So recently I posted on my twitter asking all you bbloggers whether or not it would be beneficial for me to buy the MUA PRO-BROW kit. I've been using the Sleek brow kit in Dark for about 3 months now and I LOVE it but I hate having to part with £8 when I could get a Rimmel pencil for £3.99 (even though I prefer powders but hey ho) so when I came across this MUA kit for a mere £3.50 I definitely had to get some advice on whether it was worth a try! I received lots of feedback from the bbloggers chat about it and was even directed to a post, written by Hannah from Midnight Violets beauty blog, (which you can read here) giving swatches and results! After I'd read this post I still was undecided and thought "Hey, it's £3.50 what's to lose?" So I went ahead and bought it from Superdrug!

The kit comes with a double-ended angled brush tool for shaping and shading, a clear (looks white) wax to shape the brows and prepare them for shading, a dark brown powder for shading, a lighter brown powder for lighter haired people, some mini tweezers and a highlighter to accentuate the brows!

Before ^^^


After ^^^

I know I know, my eyebrows (before) are unruly and a complete mess!! Oh well I'll live/pluck them soon! Anyway this is the result and for £3.50 I can't say I'm disappointed! The only thing I had mixed feelings about was the wax stuff. In my Sleek palette the wax is a dark brown colour which I often used to shape and outline my eyebrow, now since in this palette the wax is white I could only use it to shape and not to outline so I found myself having to outline my brown with the powder which was very tricky not to mention that it didn't look as streamlined as I'm used to. Also, since the causes product build up if you put too much of it on one area which I did due to my eyebrows being unruly so I was calming stray hairs and this made my eyebrows patchy (light in one area dark in others) but I think if I gave it a bit more care and precision/used my Rimmel London pencil to outline then the jobs a good one!! This palette is fab and I will definitely repurchase!

~Have you tried this MUA eyebrow kit? Let me know!!

Alicia x
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  1. i love this kit, i bought it a while ago.
    you could maybe dip into the wax then the powder to colour it? :) X X X

    1. I never thought of that! Haha thanks :D xxx


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