Things I'm lusting over #1



Hey guys!

So this is just a little view of the things I'm lusting over at the moment! Since I'm *trying* to save up for a new iPhone I doubt I'll be getting these any time soon but !can dream!

1 - I've always wanted to have a mesh insert body type piece of clothing but never really got round to buying on. Whilst I was browsing the ASOS site I came across this and thought it was tres cute so it made it onto my wishlist!

2 - Ah, the loss of my baby (Apple's iPhone 5) has brought me back to my dearly beloved yet outdated iPhone 3GS (no offence to anyone its still a brilliant phone!) I've missed my 8mpx camera so so much and now going back to 3mpx I find my blog photos are beginning to suffer as I don't own a professional camera. This is a compact digital camera, from Argos, so nothing as fancy as (all the YouTubers have) the Canon 650D *SWOON!* So I thought this would make a nice little additional to my techno fam as it seems to do everything I'm wanting a camera to do!

3 - Now I am a sucker for a bit of jewellery especially arrow head necklaces! I wanted the turquoise arrow head one from Topshop but never got round to buying it. Then i wanted the black arrow head Topshop one but couldn't find it either and saw this in Matalan and couldn't resist putting it on my wishlist!

What're you lusting over at the moment??

Alicia x
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