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Newly blonde hair, Brother's new dog, Boyf in his new Ellie Goulding hat, Me as a little 'un, Bedroom tax protest, Organising my life, Being a vain wabbit, Cute alien, Series of animal pictures for new feature, Boyfy sleeping on me.

These past weeks haven't been too exciting, work work and more bloody uni work! However, I do have an exciting new feature on my blog! Its called 'Pet Adventures' I know, crazy right? I am an out and out animal lady, cat lady and dog lady mainly, so i thought why not incorporate them into my blog a bit? Since they're a bit part of my life! I got the inspiration from Temporary: Secretary and her little Oscar section for her cat! So I thought I'd do something similar :) How have you guys been anyway? Leave me some comments!

Alicia x
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