The Student Guide: Make money, Save money

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Saving money/Making money!

Hey guys!

Now, I am by no means an expert on money, in fact i often spent way too much resulting in my parents bailing me out. This semester in university I was determined to make my way through on my own and still have some money left over at the end of the semester so I'm going to share a few of my tips with you and hopefully you'll save some money too! I will list a few of the ways I saved money and suggest a few other ways that I am yet to try out too.

1) eBay - I am in LOVEEEE with eBay! I didn't think anyone would want to buy my old clothes but one woman's rubbish is another woman's treasure right? i just grabbed a bag of clothes that I didn't want and instead of giving it all to charity I halved it (gotta give the charities something to settle my concious) and put some things up on eBay and so far I've made around £80 from about 6 items of clothing! So it's definitely worth a go if you're skint like me! (sell everything though! haha)

2) Money Box - I know this sounds so simple and silly but it really does work. My money box is more like a safe box it has a lock on it and separate compartments for notes and coins. My mantra is out of sight out of mind so if I take my pound coins and 50p pieces out of my purse and place them in there I usually forget they're there (when I have money) and when I'm a little bit on the skint side I remember and am thankful for my genius thinking, haha! Also, if you save up the pennies you have in your purse in a few months it really adds up! I recently went to the bank with my coppers and got £46 from it, resultttt!! My safe box was £8 from Home Bargains (a UK discount store)

3) Freezing meals - I have about 3 weeks worth of macaroni cheese sauce, chicken curries, chicken breasts, bolognese sauce and other meals in my freezer so I don't need to go out and buy much other than bread, milk and pasta/rice. Obviously it's not all I eat but it sure saves a lot of money instead of going out every week and doing a big shop. I can just go to my freezer and grab a ready made meal! Plus it has much less salt that the ones that you can buy from Tesco/ASDA or somewhere!

4) Skimlinks - If you have a blog, go to and sign yourself up! If your blog gets enough clicks on your link within a month they'll credit the money to your bank account and bingo! You've made money just from blogging. What the site does is "skims" through your blog posts and finds products or brands you've mentioned and it will make them a link, when people click these links your clicks per link goes up and credits some money to you account which over time will build up, quickly or slowly depending on the popularity of your blog, and you'll earn some money!

5) Blog Sale - This is basically the same thing as eBay but on your blog so you don't have to pay any rates out to eBay or PayPal. hold a blog sale and advertise it on Twitter/Facebook and people will come along and buy your things, obviously only if they're resonably priced and good quality but it's better than throwing them away, right?

Ok so these are my tips to making/saving some money whilst being a student! I hope they've helped you. Have you got any tips that I haven't mentioned? I'd love to know :) Leave me a comment below!

Thanks for reading!

Alicia x
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