Nails to suit the weather: American Apparel's Sheer nail lacquer in Redondo Beach

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Nails that look brrrrilliant ;)

Hey guys!

I have an addiction with painting my nails, certainly bright pastel colour - since it's spring! I never really thought of American Apparel as a place to go and buy my nail varnishes  However when I went in there to buy my disco pants *shame on me they're so expensive* I was also given this nail lacquer with my purchase called "Redondo Beach."

This colour is a perfect pale pastel blue for the spring and, much to everyone's dismay, suits the coldness of the spring perfectly! The finish is very smooth and not streaky and lasts around 2-3 days without chipping!

Although I did have it gifted the price isn't the best. At £9 a bottle I doubt I would pay for this more than once! It is an excellent polish but £9 just seems too expensive for something that isn't any better than Barry M Gelly hi-shine!

I love this nail varnish and keep reapplying it when it does chip! This range is a definite must-try if you are willing to part with that £9. I would say try it at least once as a bottle does give you quite a few goes!

Alicia x

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