HOW TO: DIY Blonde, from brown to light blonde with L'oreal Paris Preference in Lightest Natural Blonde with built in hair lightner

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Hey guys!

So I've recently embarked on the adventure of gradually lightening my hair - until it's blonde! My hair is naturally a dirty blonde colour and even lighter when the sun decides to show it's face so I envisioned this lightening process to be as easy as pie, which so far - it has been!

First of all I stripped my hair using ColourB4 extra strength, which you can buy from any Boots or Superdrug store from £9.99 normal strength - £11.99 for the extra strength (I'm not too sure where you can get it outside of the UK, possibly Amazon?) I did this to lift most of the dark brown hair dye which has been sitting upon my head for the best part of a year, the hair stripper lifted nearly all of it but I was left with a dark brown/orangey hue to my hair and so I decided to go even lighter. To achieve this colour I used L'Oreal Paris Preference in Lightest Natural Blonde. You can use this box dye (available on offer in Boots at the moment for £6) to lighten or to just dye your hair! I used it as a lightener to get my hair to a blonde colour that didn't turn brassy, since it's purpose is half dye half lightener which I chose this one specifically!

I put this dye on my hair for 45 minutes to achieve this colour (bottom two "after" pictures) as the leaflet provided said 30 minutes for dye and up to 1 hour for proper bleach blonde hair but I wanted a more natural blonde finish - so 40 minutes was more than enough for me! I've also had the ends of my hair ombre'd for about a year now too so the ends are even lighter than the middles of my hair.

To take care of my hair, I use purple shampoo/conditioner to cancel out any brassy tones and turn my hair to a true blonde. The shampoo brands I use I have blogged about and are featured in my 'Feb Faves' post which you can read > here <

It's very important for you to treat your hair right when you've bleached/dyed it or as I say, fried! Because if you don't it will just suffer and stop growing properly so use the right products! I use lots of deep conditioners, hair oils, split end remedies and all sorts so if you'd like a post on that just let me know!I'll probably do a hair care routine post anyways!

What products do you use on your hair? Let me know! :)

Alicia x
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1 comment

  1. oooh well your hair looks lovely blonde! Such an even result too! xx

    lovely blog! Now following :)


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