The Monday Matter #2: Illamasqua, Candles & No Rest for the Wicked

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So this week has been pretty hectic for more and flown by! I've been working and running errands pretty much non stop so as I write this (on sunday afternoon) I'm pretty knackered!

The Shoes I can't get over these shows and how beautiful they are. I got them from Kurt Geiger to wear on a night out and I'm stupidly excited for next weekend when I get to wear them.

the Candles Now it's no secret that I'm a candle hoarder, I have about 6 in my room at the moment and have just purchased 3 more. You can see the two above and they are gorgeous. I'll do a full haul on these which you can read on wednesday, which will include things I haven't received yet hence why not pictured, I will go into full depth of everything I've bought.

The Makeup I've been dying to try Illamasqua products for ages and since they had a new range coming out I decide, perfect opportunity! Am I right?! I got powder blush in Tweak, matte lipstick in Immodest, sheen lipsticks from the new Glamore collection in Luster and Glissade and the precision gel liner in Infinity. I've also bought from other brands like Rimmel, L'oreal, NYX, MaxFactor, Seventeen and Real Techniques so keep posted for that Wednesday haul & mini review! I also went on the hunt for the Garnier Micellar water but it's out of stock everywhere! *cries* I WILL find it!!

The Life When I say No rest for the wicked, I meant it! I feel like I've barely slept this week and I've just been running around, writing blog posts, editing pictures and working my bum off at my job trying to get everything set up perfect for model store day. As you will be reading this I will be in work *boohoo* well unless you haven't read it before 2pm GMT then maybe I'm at home crying about how tired I am! Either way, it's been a fun week for make up and everything else so I'm pretty happy!

How has your week been? What were you highlights?! Let me know!

Alicia x
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