The (late) Monday Matter #6

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If you're wondering why this is late, it's because I suck. No seriously.

I would say I've been too busy, but I haven't. Yeah I've been working and running around after people and you know, living. But I always have a few hours at night and I just completely forgot that "The Monday Matter" was a thing on my blog, seriously, put me in a home I'm on my way out.

This week has been super fun and also super unfun. I've got a new phone which I LOVE but I'm also in the pooper where moneys concerned. What's that saying about debt? Oh yeah "The best way to get rid of debt, is to accept it's there and deal with it." I'm in a little bit of debt due to being an ex student and I'm seriously trying to get out of it and deal with it now rather than later. This leaves me stressed and poor, therefore I just don't feel like blogging or doing anything and if I don't feel like blogging, I wont force it, I'll wait until I feel like it and then I'll do it. I want my posts to be real for you guys I don't want to become a machine that just writes because it's expected of me. If that's not professional then, I don't give a shit.

Moving on!

The Phone I left the land of the iPhone and bought a HTC One M8. It seems everyone and their dog's cousin has an iPhone now and to me, they're just not worth it. After a year and a half my battery depleted, my lock button rusted up and wouldn't work and it wasn't worth the £40 I paid a month for it, so I paid off my contract and opted for a cheaper, yet better phone. the HTC One and yes, it's beautiful. My favourite part is the camera is being able to refocus the picture after you've taken it. The picture of my shoes at the top was a photo I refocused, I just thought that was a really cool touch to add to the phone!

The Hair I've been back blonde since just before new year, before that I was bright pink. I love being blonde and I don't think I'll go another colour (all over) for a while but one thing I hate is redying my roots back in. This gives me serious stress pains as I know my roots will go yellow and I'll have to tone them and it's just a massive ballache. However I used the products above and my hair is now near enough white with no yellow in sight! (woo a rhyme!)

The Nails Everyone seems to have white nails this season and I really wanted to join in as they look so fresh. However, I've had acrylics on for nearly two months now, obviously I had them changed/backfilled and repolished but I was getting fed up of not being able to to anything and having witchy looking fingers so I took the acrylics off and applied OPI - Alpine Snow and I feel like a new woman! White nail varnish really is something special. It;s hard to get it to not look like I've tippexed my nails though!

The Makeup As you may or may not know, I'm an aspiring makeup artist. I;ve done a few jobs here and there but nothing published and not enough to say I AM a Makeup Artist. I often post pictures of the makeup looks I;ve done on myself on my instagram, the picture over is one of the more recent. You should follow me on Instagram for more photos like this! Click HERE to follow me :)

That's my week in review! how was your week last week? Let me know, leave a comment below!

Alicia x
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