The Monday Matter #3: Busy life of a Sales Adviser & Dexter's Lab

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First up, apologies for this post showing up on my blog blank *cringe* My internet was down and my phone wouldn't let me revert to draft so I just had to face the embarrassing consequence of under planning. Second of all sorry it's so late, like I said, no internet so I couldn't get on to write it up over the weekend! Moving swiftly on...

Werk werk werk I feel like all I do is work yet I have barely any money to show at the end of the month, retail is a super easy yet super low paying job, sigh. Some money is better than no money though, am i right? I love working at Debenhams, everyone's so so friendly but I don't want to be there forever, would definitely LOVE job on the cosmetics counter though *heart in eyes emoji*

The wind down I love come home after work and throwing my PJs on, hair mask on and having a nice brew. This week I've rekindled my love for my "I love Dogs and Cats" flask from Primark, its super super cute I can't get enough of it!

Instagram If you guys don't already then follow me on Instagram! I usually post selfies, make up looks and recent purchases (mainly make up/beauty related) but recently I've been trying to include more lifestyle and daily goings on. My instagram is @aliciajadex ( << click that, it's a link to follow me!)

Nostalgia So my boyfriend got Netflix this week and I've been LOVING watching 90s cartoons like Dexters Lab and Powerpuff Girls! They make me laugh so much just remembering how sucked into them I was as a child, Dexters Lab is definitely a firm favourite of mine!!

So there we have it, my week in a summary! To be honest this week has been pretty chilled, apart from work, so that's been great! What have you been up to? Let me know in the comments below!

Alicia x
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