The Monday Matter #5: Selfless Selfie, Carbonara Heaven and the Forbidden Planet

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The Selfie So as you all probably know was the week of the #nomakeupselfie for Cancer Research UK. This got a lot of negativity but i thought it was a great and fun way to raise money. Did you take part?

The Mornings This week I tried to get up earlier and make my days more productive, which they were! I started eating healthier and more satisfying breakfasts as well as getting my brain into working mode. I really feel like getting up and doing something with my day be it big or small it creates a positive attitude, this week I set my task as taking blog photos!

The Day after the Night Before Last Tuesday I went to Liverpool with Huw to see a friend for a night out, the day after we went to Olive Liverpool Italian Bar & Grill for a bite to eat, I chose Carbonara with smoked pancetta and parmesan cheese and it was AMAZING. The taste was just above and beyond and the large chilled Lemonade with a slice of lemon was so refreshing, beautiful! After that we took a trip to a comic shop called Forbidden Planet which was really cool. I got a Simpsons blind bag and won a Mini Moe Szyslak keyring! So so cute.

How has your week been? Let me know in the comments below!

Alicia x
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