The Monday Matter #3: Estee Lauder, Maylash and Vanity.

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Sorry this Monday's post is so late, I will explain. 

Moving on...

The Daily Grind So this week hasn't been too bad in terms of shifts at work but the shifts have been longgggg, not many of them in quantity, but lengthy. Nothing too crazy like 12 hours or anything just 7 hour shifts filled with running around and doing 2 hour jobs in half an hour. I've never sweat as much in a department store since working at one, but at least I can run over to fragrance and use the testers to make sure I continue to smell yummy ;)

The Make Up You've probably seen my haul, I've bought a lot of make up...but hey, that's what beauty lovers do, my favourites of my buys are MAC Heroine, Illamasqua Gel Liner in Infinity and my Estee Lauder Pure Colour blush. You can see the blush above and it's just the most beautiful thing to look at I can't stop staring. The colour is beautiful too, it's a peachy pink with a bit of a highlight, perfect for SS14!

The Vanity So as you can see above, I love a good selfie. I went out saturday night with a few friends and obviously after doing my make up I just had to go ahead and - in the words of The Chainsmokers - First, let me take a selfie *beat drops.* I work my favourite Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation in Cool Bone, my Illamasqua liner and MAC Heroine to name a few products. I also wore my ARDELL demi wispies to top it all off and I just love how it all turned out so I just couldn't help myself, selfie wise.

Maylash A post is coming shortly but I've been sent an eyelash serum to try and it all seems pretty promising. This particular serum is said to only contain natural ingredients, so nothing that will irritate your eyes like other serums may have. Obviously I need a month or two to get the full results but I'm going to write an introductory post to give you lovely lot a 30% discount code. So stay tuned!

How has your week been? Let me know!

Alicia x
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