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So basically I'm writing two posts today, you lucky people, because I want to share this with you as some of you might be interested, some of you may not, but that's cool too.

I've received a discount code from the lovely people at Maylash, for you my readers, so you can get 30% off their product.

Maylash is a natural eyelash serum that doesn't contain the chemicals other serums contain, Maylash contains natural ingredients to promote healthy lash growth without irritating the eyes or the lids.

It takes around 2-4 months of daily use (one use per day, at night before bed) to see full results so obviously I can't comment yet on how this has worked for me as I've used it only twice so far.

If you want to try this serum for yourself it's usually £69 but Maylash is on offer at the moment for £49 and with my discount code - which is alicia30 - you can get it for £34.20, so that's an extra 30% off until March 20th 2014.

If, like I did, you want to be more informed, click this link >< to find out all the information you need to know.

I'll be back with this product in a few months to tell you my full, honest opinion as always!

*This product was sent to me for review, In return for a review I have been offered the product. My end review will ALWAYS be honest and truthful and the fact I have received it free will not sway my views. Please read my disclaimer for full information.

Alicia x
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